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Product: 2010 FORD ESCAPE


Location: US

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On 12-1-2012 my Brother brought his 2012 Frod Escape with 70,480 miles on it to Superior Ford in Plymouth Minnesota. The " check engine" light went on that morning. The technicians st Superior Ford ran some tests including a smoke test which is a system leak test they said, and determined that three components had failed, The componenets were a valve assembly, solenoid assembly, and fuel filler pipe. The cost for the repirs including $29.88 came to $931.64. When my Brother informed me of this issue, and the cost, I offered to look into it for him. I did this for 2 reasons, the first is I know more about automotive systems than he does and the second is that he "reminded" me that I was the one who told him to buy the Ford Escape and not the Chevy Equinox which was his first choice. When I contacted the Service Director at Superior Ford, he informed me that the car ws no longer under warranty

and their was nothing he could do. I mentioned that I thought that dealerships had some authority to cover certain issues that were deemed abnormal or perhaps since the issue caused venting into the envirionment, which was confirmed by the smoke test that the repair could be covered through the emissions warranty. He would not sway from his position. I asked him and he did arrange a call between the Ford Dealer Representative and myself but nothing changed. I then contacted Ford Customer care and spoke to several represtatives and a couple of supervisors, who stated the same "we are sorry but we cannot cover all or any portion of the repair bill". I have filed a case with the Federal Highway Safety Department with the hope that they will look into whether this fuel system issue is either a safety or emissions concern and should be recalled. Given the cost to repair, there will be many people who will not have it fixed. If it is a safety issue it needs to be communicated to people driving these or other vehicles with these failed components. This is the first time that I have used this forum, and the first time I have had an issue which I feel is serious enough to take the time and effort to pursue. My family started buying Ford cars in 1964, we have bought many with few complaints. Their "attitude" in this matter "will" stop this habit.

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Adrienn D., 2013-03-28, 07:37PM CDT

Our Ford Escape's transmission died at 77K! Dealer sold us technically the manufacturer warranty for $1,800.00 and don't honor the extension as it meant to serve the customer..


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