Apple Store Crossgates - Apple can not prepare a simple paper

Posted on Monday, February 11th, 2013 at 5:19pm CST by 19604252

Product: Iphone 5

Company: Apple Store Crossgates

Location: 1 Crossgates Mall Road Albany, NY 12203
ALBANY, NY, 12203, US


Category: Products, Services

I have bought an Iphone from California 2 months ago. I currently live in Turkey. My phone got broken, was my fault. Sent it to US for repairment. My cousin in Albany, NY, US, took care of it and gave it to Crossgate mall Apple Store. They replaced it with a new one but costed 250 dollars since it was consumer's fault. Everything is fine until here. The problem is, here in Turkey, we need to pay tax for a phone bought from abroad. And we pay the tax for IMEI number of the phones. If we dont do that, when officials detect an IMEI number which the tax isn't paid for, they block it for use. That's why I paid the tax for the old phone, but since the new replaced phone gonna have a new IMEI, in the system, it will be seen as a phone which the tax isn't paid for. I asked to the officials about the situation. They told me that if I can get a simple paper from Repair service stating that: "...... IMEI numbered phone has been replaced with ...... IMEI numbered phone." they can pass the tax of the old phone to the new one. I asked about that simple paper to the store, they told me that they can't do anything like that, also called to apple call center, they told me that I should ask to the store, since they made the replacement. I asked to the store again and the answer was negative again. What I dont understand is; what is so hard about it? they have all the info in front of them, all I need is one sentence paper by Apple. thats just ridicilous.


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