Daley Oil Service - Daley Oil No Longer Values Long Time Customers

Posted on Monday, February 11th, 2013 at 6:14am CST by 547dd897

Company: Daley Oil Service

Location: P.O. Box 10059

Category: Other

I have been a customer of Daley Oil for about 30 years. Until this year, I have never had any major problems with them.

I have lived in mobile homes for that period of time, so I have ALWAYS used kerosene to heat my home

In the winter of 2010, I called Daley when my oil tank was between 1/4 and 1/2 full to ask for a delivery. We had a bad winter and I was afraid of running out of kerosene. Daley told me that they DO NOT deliver until the customer has 1/4 of a tank of kerosene left and assured me that they would not let me run out. Sure enough, when the tank was 1/4 full, Daley delivered kerosene.

The winter of 2011 thru 2012 was very mild. I hardly used any kerosene. I thought this was great because I was on a budget plan and had a nice amount left in my account and thought it would be there for the winter of 2012. WRONG! I came home from work one day to find that Daley delivered kerosene even though my tank was 1/2 full! I called to ask why because when "I" wanted them to deliver kerosene they told me they NEVER deliver until the customer is down to 1/4 of a tank. I felt that because we had such a mild season they chose to deliver kerosene to make sure they got my money. I was told that Daley's policy was to deliver when a tank was 1/4 full and the lady did not know why delivery was made. I was not happy with her answer.

Around August of 2012, I received a letter from Daley offering a "price cap on Ultra Clean Heating Oil. It said I would never pay more than $3.999 a gallon. I would have to pay $99 and have a service contract to sign up.

I circled the plan I wanted on the letter that they sent, with a note that I wanted to sign up for this plan. I stapled a check for $860.00 to a copy of the letter. That money covered payment for the $99 sign up fee, the service contract and any budget payments that I had not made.

I might add that Daley merged with Main-Care Energy this year.

On 2/7/13, I came home to find that Daley had delivered kerosene to my home. I looked at the ticket to find that I was charged $4.349, not the $3.999 that I thought I signed up for.

I immediately called Daley and spoke with Bridget. She told me that $3.999 was for "home heating oil", not kerosene. I then asked her, why Daley cashed my check and didn't inform me that the price was for home heating oil when I sent in my money with the letter stating that I wanted that particular plan? She didn't have an answer and only told me that the capped price for kerosene is $4.349. I also informed Bridget that I have been doing business with Daley Oil for about 30 years and have ALWAYS used kerosene and Daley Oil should have known that. I also have receive NOTHING telling me what the capped prices are on kerosene. The only thing I received was a bill from Main-Care showing that I had a remaining credit of $63.25 from 2012 and was being charged $409.19 for Total Comfort Gold - Included in Budget Plan and a $99 Participation Fee - Capped Budget. I have NO paper work showing showing that the capped price for kerosene is higher than home heating oil. I also thought that when Daley called it "Ultra Clean" heating oil, that, that meant kerosene.

The joke is, I can go to a gas station and pick up kerosene in a 5 gallon can for less than the capped price Daley Oil is charging me. Where is the savings????

This will be the last year I do business with Daley Oil (Main-Care).

I intend on filing a complaint with the NYS Attorney General.


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