Dodo - unfair disconectation

Posted on Sunday, February 10th, 2013 at 3:00am CST by Wendy B.


Company: Dodo

Location: NANANGO, QLD, 4615, AU


Category: Telecommunications


Dear sir,

My husband (who suffers from a brain injury) decided after looking into mobile plans deals, that dodo would be the best one to go with. I rang dodo and spoke to the call centre, after speaking t o a gentleman for over an hour,we decided on two mobile plans,

1. Which was 39.99 a month (which included $700 of calls) I was advised that when my cap had reached 80% of use they would send text message advising me. The hand set Galaxy 2 was what they said they were sending out, never turned up. It was a cheap Samsung that ive had nothing but trouble with. Because of my husbands brain injury and legal matters we are dealing with, I have a lot phone calls needed to be made, so the 80% warning was my safe guard. As we are on a disability payment. I woke this morning to a email from them, they sent out at 1am tell me my account is over the limit by $243. and that they would be taking the funds out today, if my bank declined it I could hit with fees. I have sent them an email asking they wait until Thursday, as that's when we get payed. But it was is was cut by 9am. We will now have to go without some mediations and groceries to pay this.

2. We waited 3 weeks for the second phone and they sent us a faulty, this phone is for my husband, for those times I have to leave him along, we are still waiting on a replacement. I have on a number of occasions expressed how important it for him to have that phone.

IT is not good enough I just want to bring to your readers attention the poor customer service of this compony, I?m sure there are many more people in our position that rely on the trust they will advise you, your nearing your cap.

Thank you

Wendy Bradey


email: [email protected]


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