Employment - Termination without notice after finish two months of probation period

Posted on Sunday, February 10th, 2013 at 8:50am CST by Sumit S.

Company: Employment

Location: C-43 and B-19, Sector-8, Noida - 201301

URL: http://www.sgcservices.com/

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My Name is Sumit Saurabh, S/o Shri Arjun Prasad Mehta. I joined SGC Services Pvt. Ltd. On 23rd May, 2012 as Senior SEO Executive in DCH Department. But, they ended my employment on 31st Jan, 2013 without giving any prior notice either in mail or written on paper.

As per termination rule, they should pay salary for 2 weeks more with the salary of January 2013 salary. But, Dhiraj Kumar (mobile no. 9718286263), working manager of DCH(Discount City Hotels) Department denied to pay 2 weeks more salary and told that salary only till the last day you worked, will be given. He also said that owner (Mohsen, Mobile no. (00447957287039) is not happy with your overall performance and ordered me to terminate your employment from today.

From the time, they terminated, I am sitting idle and have not got job. I have my family and living here in rented house. Due to their unnoticed termination, I have not got job and suffering with various problems.

Kindly, help me to get 15 days more salary (written on appointment letter) including the salary of january2013.

SGC Services Pvt. Ltd. Is taking care of payroll and contact number of SGC Services Pvt. Ltd. Is as below:

C-43, B-19, Sector-8, Noida ? 201301, Phones: +91 120 4049100

Termination Rule written on appointment letter:

- Your services may be terminated by either party, giving notice in writing, if the employee resigns, he must give a notice period of 2 weeks, In case of termination you will need to serve 2 weeks notice period. During the notice period, you are required to assist in the recruitment of a suitable candidate, train and ensure a smooth handover.

- The Company reserves the right to terminate your employment on any grounds whatsoever, including on grounds of misconduct or unsatisfactory job performance or violation of the Company?s Policies.

- Absence for a continuous period of eight days without prior approval of your superior,(including overstay of leave/training), can lead to your services being terminated without notice or explanation.


For a period of six months from the date of joining you shall be under probation. During the probation period, the company can terminate your services without giving any notice or assigning any reason thereof. At the end of the probation period your employment shall deem to be terminated unless you have been issued a communication from the company in writing confirming your appointment or extending your probation period.

Please help to get 15 days more salary as written on appointment letter.


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