- Never Received My Orders From

Posted on Sunday, February 10th, 2013 at 3:01am CST by Jose O.

Product: Fragrances


Location: 5 Plant Avenue


Category: Health, Beauty

On October, November and December of 2011 I made 15 orders from and never received them. Those orders were paid with a credit card. The number of the orders are: 8611553, 8611526, 8611127, 8611070, 8610884, 8589251, 8488916, 8468993, 8449634, 8490521, 8424641, 8410592, 8325017, 8249162, 8380052. showed total disrespect to the customer by taking my money and never delivering the product. always responded my e-mails telling me to be patient due to various reasons. I was patient and waited, but on September of 2012 (10 months after my initial orders) I started a moving process to another address. Saying that, it is impossible to receive those orders in the address that it was shipped to in 2011. I have finished my moving process and now have another address that I have already informed I have contacted the mail service asking them if the orders had arrived while I was moving. They told me that their procedure is to return the mail to the sender if they can not deliver it. By this time, if those orders had ever arrived (more than 10 months after they were ordered), they should be with the sender. All I'm asking is to have the products of those orders sent to my new address. If that is not possible, I'd like to receive a full refund of the money I spent. The number of the credit card I used to pay is still the same, so they can refund the money to that credit card.


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