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Posted on Saturday, February 9th, 2013 at 7:50pm CST by scaredto s.

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Walmart Pharmacies prescription drugs do not work for me. They force there employees and family members to fill there prescriptions at there stores. Too many others besides me have the same problem with Walmart Pharmaceutical drugs (pills) not working. Also when checking inventory of my prescriptions filled at Walmart, I have been shorted pills. several times there is only 28-29 pills in the bottle. I have made them dump the bottle out and recount them in front of me, so they couldn't try thinking I was cheating them, and of course was short changed again, they did apologize,and fix the quantities, but where do these extra pills go. Is it Walmart, or the person counting when filling the bottle stealing a pill or 2? I don't know why I have been shorted so many times with certain prescriptions. All other pharmacies I have dealt with fill my prescriptions with precision accuracy. I try avoiding Walmarts pharmaceutical, due to these experiences. Also now that they force there employees to fill there prescriptions with them. More weard things I have noticed after having problems with Walmart prescription drugs not working, is some of there pills are different colors then other pharmacies pills that do work. I love saving a buck, and would have no problems using Walmart meds if they worked. Most Pharmacies price match, and there pills work or do what there suppose to. Other employees have made comments on the same issues and pay the extra fees to get a working prescription filled. I think I should also say that I'm not affiliated or employed in any way to anY pharmaceutical companies or Pharmacies. I am simply posting this about my concerns of these drugs not working. I thought all prescription drougs were regulated and suppose to be the same. I also thought this was regulated in the USA, I have also done a personal experiment on this. I had 2 prescription bottles of exact same thing, one filled the month before from one pharmacy, then another bottle of exact prescription filled at Walmart. Blindfolded so I could not see the pill, and given the medications 1 day from one place, the next day meds from another place. 10 OF 10 TIMES THE NON WORKING PILL WAS WALMART'S PHARMACIST FILLED PILLS (THAT DID NOT WORK) I am not saying that Walmart is no good, I'm also not saying that they intended this. This is my own opinion. I am only trying to understand why there pharmaceutical drugs do not work for me, but other companies Pharmaceutical drugs do for me. I hope someone might post some answers to this, or if most people have the same results with certain drugs from Walmart or other places.

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c11b81cf, 2015-09-18, 12:34PM CDT

You are not the only one. Their prescriptions don't work for me either. I always end up needing a second prescription of antibiotics that I fill somewhere else. My blood pressure medicine doesn't work and neither does my asthma nebulizer solution. I have also done what you do and try my medicine from another pharmacy vs my WalMart medicine and the results are like night and day. There is no question that their medication is inferior. It is worth it to spend the extra money and get your meds filled elsewhere.

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