Calphalon - I thought you get for what you pay!! But in my case is not true!!!!High Quality Non stick Cooking Pots Calphalon

Posted on Saturday, February 9th, 2013 at 10:45am CST by Zybejta M.

Product: 13 PC Set Calphalon

Company: Calphalon

Location: US


Category: Other


To may whom it concern in the customer service department!!!!!

God, know how many times I wrote you about your product!!! (Pot set) [Inquiry: 130118-000329], and still haven't got any respond yet, I would appreciated if some one get back to me and take this seriously because this is your product and don't make you guys look good when you have unhappy customer, and bad so please some one tell me what should I do with the pot set they are piling off, they are dangers to cook on it, it can cause a led poison.


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