Spartan Facilities Management Services - Jeff Jernigan is Back to his Old Tricks, Spartan Facilities Management

Posted on Saturday, February 9th, 2013 at 3:36pm CST by f7abf6bd

Product: Spartan Facilities Management Services

Company: Spartan Facilities Management Services

Location: 329 Foxglove Ave Summerville


Category: Business, Finances

To all Staffing Agencies, beware of Jeff Jernigan and Spartan Facilities Management. This guy is a 2 state convicted felon, currently has a warrant out in Georgia and has scammed numerous people and businesses. He will never pay with a credit card or debit. He prefers to use bill pay with First Citizens...he will show a confirmation then cancel. The check is NSF. ALL creditors in Charleston and Columbia SC you can contact Mayor Steve Benjamin who is a partner in Ruths Chris. Place some pressure on him to help collect your money Jernigan has stolen. His probation officer has been notified of the warrant pending in Atlanta. Lets get this guy off the streets. Jernigan is using labor then 1099 these people. This is against the law. The IRS and SC Dept of Revenue will look to Ruths Chris to pay the back taxes.

He currently owes businesses in Columbia (bounced checks), owes un paid wages to employees, Minuteman Press of Mt. Pleasant (business cards), Radio 94.3 WSC and Express Employment Professionals. There are numerous other creditors looking for him from the period of 2010. He and wife have been evicted from various properties throughout Charleston and Summerville to the point they are living with the wife's ex husband who is an employee of this one horse company.

All creditors should contact Mark Oswald of Atlanta. He may be able to lien Jernigan's invoice and help get your money. Oswald is a large Ruths Chris franchise owner.

Jernigan uses false references even on his web site as well as false insurance documents that are forged. He carries no workers compensation nor is he following state and IRS tax guidelines.

Jernigan, on his web site, says that he is a certified member of BSCAI. We checked and BSCAI has no record of him. Fact is when Jernigan was released from jail, he and Bostain started a cleaning company with no experience or money. Their web site claims years of service truth is they have none. Bostain was fired as a maintenance man for JW Aluminum. Neither one have no cleaning experience.


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