360Training.com - You don't get what you paid for!!

Posted on Friday, February 8th, 2013 at 12:05pm CST by Mandy C.

Product: Ultimate Real Estate package - Lamar Institute of Technology

Company: 360Training.com

Location: TX, US

URL: http://www.agentcampus.com/texas-real-estate-license/pre-license-courses/

Category: Education

I purchased an online course package from your website http://www.agentcampus.com/texas-real-estate-license/pre-license-courses/ and after purchasing I have been dealing with the people who service this, I suppose. Lamar Institute of Technology is listed on the website but 360training.com is who all comunication has come from.

On January 14, 2013 I purchased the "Ultimate Package" which shows in the ad to come with a color Nook. I verified with the sales rep, Brian and he said "Yes, this comes with the latest edition of the color Nook and will be delivered within 5 business days". On the 7th day when I had not received the package I called the customer service number. I spoke to Jonielle who advised me that the package did not come with a Nook and that I must download the PDF files to my own device. After arguing for 30 minutes she said she would look into it and get back to me. Later that evening I received an email stating that she was sorry for the mistake and my "Kindle Fire", which is a color tablet, would be overtightened to me. I received the package the next day only to open and find a black and white Nook.

I emailed Jonielle who spoke with a supervisor and said this was the only tablet offered and I could exchange it at Barnes and Noble and pay the difference for the color tablet ($120 plus tax). I then asked for my email to be forwarded to a supervisor and replied to within the day. 3 days later I received an email from Edan Hilili saying that he would have an answer for me the next afternoon. 2 days later he finally responded to me. He forwarded an email in which his supervisor Angie Shipe basically said, "the Nook is free in the package and there will be no refund for the price difference the customer had to pay to get the actual Nook that was advertised and sold to her." At that point I got online and got another sales person through virtual chat and asked if it was a color Nook that came with the package and was once again told yes. I made a screen shot of the chat for proof.

And last night I decided to go ahead and use the wrong Nook that they sent because I am simply out of time on this. The instruction sheet they sent tells me to "enter the code from the above box to access your ebook"... Guess what?? The box is blank... NO CODE! I call customer support and the rep, Alfie, has no idea what I am talking about... He says that he will call me back in thirty minutes... Once again... It's been 18 hours and NO CALL BACK! I can't even access what I paid $549 for a month ago.... At this point I am just going to spend another $500 with another company so I can get this done and don't lose my job. Speaking of which, my new position pays $500 per month more than my current one... So really I have spent/lost $1549 this month on this process.

I have wasted almost 4 weeks trying to get what I paid for and I am irrate at this point. Since I have wasted so much time, energy and money I do not mind wasting a little more to make sure that your companies do not falsely advertise and fraudulently sell this to any other people.


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