Always 4 you moving and storage - The worst movers in the world

Posted on Thursday, February 7th, 2013 at 2:33pm CST by Ann W.

Company: Always 4 you moving and storage

Location: 259 E. 157th St


Category: Products, Services

Always 4 you moving and storage lied about flat rates, broke our stuff, stole boxes from our garage and refused to unload the truck until we paid them in advance for 5 times the amount it should have been on an hourly rate. The police were called and two of their helpers were arrested for carrying drugs and weapons in the truck and on them. We had to wait 3 more hours until new helpers came and then we were charged for the waiting time. We have filed a lawsuit and are pressing criminal charges against them. After some due diligence on our part, we discovered that these jerks post their own reviews on the internet and have been paying to have the real ones that are all bad removed. Please contact the Public Utilities commission if you have been ripped off by them as well. I am told that their is an active investigation going on with this horrible and crooked company.


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Business Reply  edf9f00a, 2013-02-15, 10:22AM CST

We don't have customer by the name of Ann W. who posted this review.

The incident described in this review never happened. This is a false review.

we would like to see a proof of service provided to this person.

ann w., 2013-02-19, 03:16PM CST

Please read insider pages, rip off report, pissed off consumer, etc. etc. This Company has ripped off tons of people and is now finally paying the price for all the people they have stole from. The have multiple lawsuits pending and possible criminal charges.

50f90c8a, 2013-05-29, 12:02PM CDT

This rip off moving company used to be called top star moving and storage. They did the exact scam under that name as the one they are currently using.

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