- Job Search Scam

Posted on Thursday, February 7th, 2013 at 2:08pm CST by Stephanie H.

Product: Job Search Website


Location: US


Category: Internet Services

I am a small business owner with businesses located in Meford, OR. We are currently seeking employees to hire for one of our stores and are constantly seeking new ways to get resumes for prospective employees. I found after doing an internet search and after spending all day, sent off 25+ contacts to potential employees. After a few days, I never got a response so I contacted directly. They proceeded to tell me that my account was suspended. I informed them that I have never used their company and asked why it was suspended. They couldn?t or wouldn?t give me information and instead said that ?it sometimes happens? and to fill out an appeal form. I immediately did that only to get the following response:

Thank you for taking the time to go through our appeal process.

We have reviewed your account but are unable to lift the suspension. You are not able to contact job seekers through Indeed.

Suspension of your ability to contact job seekers has no effect on your ability to post or sponsor jobs on Indeed.

Further appeals or related communications for this suspension will not be considered or responded to.

What?? So not only did they suspend me from using their site for a reason I am still unaware, they have kept me suspended for that same reason of which they refuse to state? Further, I can?t contact them to get an explanation? The craziest addition to this is that they state I can use their site to post or sponsor jobs but somehow I?ve been denied to access their free 50 resume submissions? You?ve either suspended me for a legitimate reason or you haven?t?This is the most absurd and unprofessional thing that I have ever come across and I urge everyone to avoid doing business with this company.


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