Sauder Woodworking - Sauder Furniture is Cheap

Posted on Thursday, February 7th, 2013 at 10:32am CST by William M.

Product: Sauder TV Stand

Company: Sauder Woodworking

Location: US


Category: Furniture

I am very disappointed by Sauder's product quality. I just bought a TV stand a few days ago. Out of box, the finish on the edge was worn away. There is a noticeable white line going across the top of the stand. The handles for the drawers are incredibly cheap.

I contacted Sauder, but all they will do is send me a replacement part, which won't do much good because the whole thing is cheap. It looks like I am out $75. I am at least going to cause them hassle by filing complaints with the BBB, MI AG's Office, Ohio AG's office, the county consumer protection division, and I'm posting reviews on Meijer and Kmart's website regarding this stand so other consumers aren't ripped off.


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