PNC - PNC has also charged me hundreds of $ in NSF

Posted on Thursday, February 7th, 2013 at 2:30pm CST by PNC continues t.

Company: PNC

Location: US


Category: Business, Finances

Similar to many others here, PNC has incorrectly deducted numerous overdraft and continuous day charges from my account.

i contacted customer service, who refunded me less than 2% of what was incorrectly taken as a "courtesy", and got nowhere.

i then contacted every exec i could find and worked with one, who took more than a week to get back to me and refunded about 0.5% more; again calling it a courtesy.

even after supply documentation (the bank statements THEY created) showing that these fees were incorrectly charged to me, they still refused to admit their error and make the correction. The latest excuse i got is that they have some internal system where the overdraft fees were correctly charged to me. Conveniently enough consumers dont have access to this.

right now, im waiting on respose from PNC, after explaining again the fees are incorrect and asking for access to this "secret" account statement that i dont have that tells them they correctly charged me.

again, like many others here i did not choose to bank with PNC, instead they bought out my bank. it doesnt surprise me at all that PNC was fined for taking overdraft fees that they should not have.

I will be contacting the many law sites out there that are asking you to contact them with info on PNC stealing money from you. If any are legitimate I will be following through with that course of action as well.

my hope is that someone will see this and choose to not do businees with PNC, thereby saving themselves the headaches, time and money that PNC has cost me.


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