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Posted on Wednesday, February 6th, 2013 at 5:16pm CST by Evelyn S.

Company: Kentucky Fried Chicken

Location: east main st, ashland ohio44805
ASHLAND, OH, 44805, US


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I am complaing about the KFC in ashland , ohio.. My son, Jeremy Buckles (17), was an employee there until today, 2-6-2013. I want to know why the manager there DAN has the right to speak to these kids like thay are dogs..My son was not feeling well yesterday, 2-5-2013, . He called in at approximatly12:50 pm, 4 hours prior to his shift, as according to policy. The manager then told him "To bad,get over it and get in here".. Well since I am his mother and he is still a minor, I was the one to make that judgement call, and he stayed home. Since an out break of the flu has been going around, I didnt feel it was ok for him to go in, I work in brain injury unit in a nurseing home, so I feel pretty confident that I know abit about illness.. as I took in to work today, 2 6 2013, he was greeted by the current manager on duty and was told he was not allowed to work untill he spoke to Dan, the same manager who he talked to yesterday.. and with my permission, he quit.. my complaint is this...WHO DOES DAN THINK HE IS TELLING MY SON TO GET OVER IT AND GET IN THERE AND THEN LEAVE ORDERS FOR HIM NOT TO BE ABLE WORK.... seriously? This isnt the first problem with DAN that we have had..2 weeks prior to Christmas my 22 yr old son became very sick while I was at work, had a fever of 103, so my son Jeremy did what he thought was best and called KFC to let them know he couldnt make due to his brother needing to go to the hospital. I work 50 miles away so it was not easy for me to get home in time. He was not with in his time frame of calling m but they never said any thing to him. When I took him in the following day, he was told by DAN that he was terminated. So I went in and spoke to Dan personaly and explained to him that it was no fault of ny sons and what had happened, at that time DAN took back the termination and suspended him for 2 weeks.

I would just really like to know why this guys thinks he can boss these kids like he was there parent and honestly, he definatly needs a course on personality issues and hygene.


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