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Posted on Wednesday, February 6th, 2013 at 10:13am CST by kimberly r.

Product: Medical Tourism Dentistry

Company: Implant and Cosmetics Solutions

Location: Rohrmoser Medical Center. 104 ave. 200 meters west from channel 7 studio, Rohrmoser San jose. Costa Rica


Category: Health, Beauty

Doctor Alberto Coto was the medical tourism dentist who butchered me. He was even promoted on an NBC news station wjhg where he guarenteed all of his work to American patients. I went to doctor Coto for a few dental procedures including a couple of implants and to have veneers put on all of my at the time healthy teeth. I was sent home in terrible pain on all my teeth and was told it was from the grinding of my teeth and put on a liquid diet for a month. One month later ( and still in the recission period on my credit card ) I contacted Doctor Coto stating that I was still in pain and had been to several American dentists who all confirmed that my veneers were put on incorrectly and needed to be re-done. I then went back to Doctor Coto where he put crowns on all of my teeth instead. While on the 2nd trip. doctor Coto broke my tooth causing 3 root canals to be preformed while in his care. He screwed up my bite so badly that I now suffer from severe TMj and live in constant pain. He left me with over half of the crowns in my mouth open margin ( that means the crowns are popped off the teeth ). I've been quoted $35,000 to fix my bite plus thousands more in additional work that I need because of Doctor Coto's incompitence. I don't have the money to pay to have my teeth fixed so the story gets even worse. I've been told by several dentists that my teeth will start falling out because of all the open margins. I suffer from a sezure disorder and dentures can slip during a sezure. Therefore, when I become toothless no dentist will risk my life with dentures. Doctor Coto refuses to pay to have my teeth fixed and he refused to refund the small fortune that I paid him to ruin my mouth in the first place. I tried the legal system in Costa Rica which was a joke. After Doctor coto refused to pay to have my teeth fixed I complained on-line everywhere I could and to anyone I thought might be able to help. Unfortunately, there is no freedom of speech in Costa Rica. According to Costa Rican law, it is a felony to speak against the reputation of a Costa Rican citizen unless or until they have first been found guilty of a crime in a Costa Rican court of law. Therefore, I committed a felony according to Costa Rica. I was lucky to flee that 3rd world country before I was arrested. I have a few u-tube video's that's gives more details about my nightmare. There are also have several comments from other Americans who were also butchered by this monster as well. One poor man was even sent home from Doctor Coto with his nerve exposed. Please feel free to read all the comments. Doctor Coto has left a long trail of American victims under his belt.


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