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Posted on Tuesday, February 5th, 2013 at 5:34pm CST by Bowler

Product: All Inclusive Hotel Booking

Company: Travelocity

Location: Travelocity - Executive Offices 11603 Crosswinds Way, Suite 125 San Antonio, TX 78233


Category: Travel, Vacations

Booked an All Inclusive 10 day stay at Buenaventura Hotel in Puerto Vallarta Mexico for over Christmas through a Travelocity agent. Before leaving checked with agent and her supervisor to confirm all inclusive and that rooms would adjacent. Arrived at hotel very tired only find one of the bookings was not all inclusive and rooms were floors apart. Spent more than 3 hours on phone with Travelocity at the front desk and they could not resolve the issue. Asked hotel manager the cost of upgrading the booking to all inclusive and was told 500 dollars. Travelocity said they would review booking phone calls and get back to us in a couple of days. They did not. Upon checkout was presented with a bill for over 600 instead of the expected of just over 500. However when I questioned the clerk she said that was Pesos not Dollars. Quickly paid in cash. Upon returning home went after Travelocity for the agent error (which they admitted to in mid January) for the stress, upset and lack of immediate follow up and out of pocket cash. When the investigator questioned the hotel about the 500 (not the 600) the manager realized they had charged in peso's and called the charge tips. Travelocity said they would not refund tips. The investigator knew the hotel wasn't giving straight answers and did refund an amount that almost covered the 500 pesos. However Travelocity offered nothing for the inconvenience, stress and upset caused by their admitted error. They couldn't care less of how they treat customers. NEVER EVER USE TRAVELOCITY BECAUSE THEY DON'T CARE IF THEY MAKE AN ERROR.


ee10e2c0, 2013-08-04, 07:51AM CDT

I booked a room at the Marriott east in Indianapoles two weeks out, and when Iwent to check in quess what no room was booked,I called travelocity and the first agent hung up because he could not fix the problem.Yea did I mention I already payed for this room. Finily after over an hour and half of wasting my time with your agents the hotel let me have a room, but it's not the room I booked this room was listed thirty dollars cheaper on your site.

What are you going to do about this?

Jeff Jamison, one upset customer

John johnson, 2015-06-16, 10:49PM CDT

Booked a flight and hotel room with Travelocity, but was re contacted immediately to advise that Delta would no longer honor the fare. I was asked if I wanted change the flights to maintain the same fare rather than the $300 higher fare Delta wanted And I DiD!

Checked my itinerary and was booked for both flights and the hotel . Enter customer service! What' a laugh! Called and cancelled the first reservation using the itinerary #. The stupid non- English speaker cancelled Both reservations!!

Again called Travelocity back to correct their error, the first " customer service" rep said the fare had gone up and I was BULLSHIT! His supervisor spoke to me after a 45 minute wait ( design to make you hang up)he advised he would have to listen to the tapes BUT THAT WOULD. take 72 hours and my reservation would be past. There was nothing further he could do .SO I ASKED FOR HIS SUPERVISOR AT THE CENTERAL OFFICE. He obliged me and an hour later he was back on the phone with his supervisor BUT COULD NO LONGER HERE ME!

They did call back and ask me to return the call to AN OUTBOUND PHONE NUMBER ONLY. So back on the Internet to raise customer support. THREE HOURS LATER they called back, after another 45 minutes waiting for the SUPERVISOR so he could authorize me to talk to the man who wanted me to call him six hours ago.

The manager was apologetic and gave $100 off my fare,but pled ignorance to other screw ups ! So much for customer service!

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