WalMart - WalMart Mechanics AREN'T (actually mechanics)

Posted on Tuesday, February 5th, 2013 at 11:00pm CST by ROSE ANN K.

Product: WalMart Auto Center

Company: WalMart

Location: 900 Commerce Blvd Dickson City, PA 18519


Category: Stores, Shopping

I brought my vehicle to WalMart (I know, what was I thinking???) to get tires and to have the oil changed and such in preparation for a road trip to Florida. The big thing here is that I specified I was going on a road trip and paid $38.99 for their vehicle check-up. At this point, I CLEARLY STATED I had an upcoming trip and clearly ASKED that they look over the vehicle for any other necessary repairs to make my trip a safe one.

I was NOT told at this point that the "mechanics" at WalMart aren't actually mechanics who are NOT qualified to diagnose or perform repairs. I was NOT told that perhaps I was at the wrong facility given my purpose for the visit and that they would NOT be able to provide me with the safety reassurances I was looking for. (They did, however, sneak a little paper on my dash stating I might perhaps need a battery, though they DIDN'T actually tell me. I guess they were hoping they could rob me of a few more dollars.) Anyway, I spent close to $400 there that day and left thinking I was safe for my road trip.

On the way back from Florida, I nearly lost a wheel due to a breaking down hub bearing, and the bearings were poppog out one at a time. My son and I could have been killed and/or we could have killed others. Long story short, this resulted in a nearly $300 repair on our way back home. The mechanic said we were "within 10 miles" of the wheel coming off. There was also an approx. $150 repair upon our return home, and I was told I need a new rim and that my tires would not get the life they should have gotten due to this whole issue.

I called the service manager at WalMart only to be told they are not actual mechanics and that "they couldn't tell me anything was wrong with my vehicle even if they noticed." This is WalMart's policy. My issue is that when I requested my vehicle be inspected for a long road trip and to notify me of any necessary repairs, that THIS was the time I should have been given this information regarding the non-mechanics and WalMart's policy NOT AFTER we could have lost our lives. I find this to be a HUGE ethical dilemma. The FIRST thing WalMart Auto Center employees should advise ALL customers of is the fact that they are NOT actual mechanics. Also, when a customer SPECIFIES the need for a particular service, in my case, a thorough inspection of my vehicle for potential safety issues, that customer should be IMMEDIATELY told that the service cannot be provided.

In my opinion this is just one more way WalMart robs its customers. They took my money easily enough and never stated that what I was asking for could not be provided. In addition, they cost me additional money and could have cost my son and I our lives, as well as any unlucky person traveling near us had the wheel come off. I want to be reimbursed for ALL of the repairs as well as receive 4 new tires and the wheel that I now need. I also want there "policy" exposed and the fact that their Service Center does not employ actual mechanics exposed.

I have since contacted 1-800- WALMART. After a week, a claim has finally been opened, but they are clinging to their claims of they did nothing wrong. Do you have any advice?

Please HELP!


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