Newegg and UPS - The absolute worst shopping experience I've encounteres

Posted on Tuesday, February 5th, 2013 at 3:10pm CST by Matt M.

Product: Audio Techinca 95E Cartridge

Company: Newegg and UPS

Location: US


Category: Consumer Electronics

I bought a Audi Technica 95E cartridge off of Newegg for $46. All was well for a few weeks, no issues until halfway through a record the needle snapped or flew of or something, scratched my record a little....

I send the item back to Newegg for an RMA. Here is where the fun begins. I live around 20 miles from the place it is being shipped to and Newegg sends me an RMA package via UPS... I put everything back in the envelope, cartridge, screws, box, instructions.. with the exception of the needle that is missing since it flew off... It's a RECORD NEEDLE. It's lost.

Thankfully I get a receipt, the guy behind the counter gives me the option of not getting one, wish I'd filmed myself packing the item and dropping it off.

6 days later the item hasn't travelled the 20 miles to its destination. I email UPS and ask where it is, they say they can't help me with my enquiry, I must get Newegg to ask. I email Newegg to ask if they can ask UPS to see where the package is. They say in a convoluted email that addresses nothing and is unhelpful... no, I email both companies repeatedly trying to get something to happen. I even join UPS to see if I can request them to look. I can't not without an account number. There is nowhere that information exists. So another who knows how many hours and hours emailing, trawling through the recesses of the internet I find a post saying that an account number is embedded in the tracking number. AHA! now I can request UPS to answer my question (It's difficult huh?) of where the item is... Eventually, 11 days later it makes its 20 mile journey.

So then I get an email from Newegg telling me the RMA can't be completed because the cartridge is not in the envelope. Bear in mind the cartridge is not the needle. The cartridge is the item I shipped back.

So one of them is simply lying. Either UPS lost my package and did, who knows what. It took them long enough, I could have walked there and back 11 times in the time it took them to drive there. Or Newegg is lying. Both are continuing there policy of being unhelpful.

I will never buy from Newegg again and I will never use UPS again. EVER. They can't make right by me. Shipping me a replacement or refunding my money (neither of which I think they will do) Will not make right by me, because the level of frustration and anger... The sheer waste of my time they can't compensate me for.

Why can't UPS give me an answer to a simple question like why has the item not been shipped. They make me ask Newegg, who won't ask them. And then they don't deliver the item.

These are the worst companies I've dealt with now. I've used UPS before plenty of times, I've bought thousands of dollars worth of stuff from Newegg... All fine, but when there's an issue, I'm confronted with a Franz Kafka level of difficulty


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