ATT - ATT Morons

Posted on Monday, February 4th, 2013 at 10:02am CST by Al m.

Company: ATT

Location: US

Category: Telecommunications

It said when I signed up to be fair with my comments and I will, I will take mercy on ATT and not tell the public how stupid they actually are. In all fairness if anyone out here is considering using ATT for anything other than small business phone service I cannot comment one way or another. In most cases of frustration with a business one can usually chalk up a bad experience to human error by one lone customer sales rep. I wish that was the case! I ordered phone service for my new business (11 lines) from ATT an order which while not big still came to a $500 expense per month for my business. I will save you most of the details because you would come away depressed! IN a nut shell these idiots 1. never came out to install the lines as my employees and myself waited 11 hours at an office without air conditioning in Florida! 2. After they finally did show up the following day I could not for 2 weeks access anything information on my account becuse ATT a multibillion dollar corporation's phone vendor forgot to tag the lines ( identify the phone numbers at my office) and therefore was unable to pull up my account or allow my phone vendor to install my lines--bottom lines for 2 weeks I paid for lines from ATT that we were unable to use and when I contacted them the genius's they have working for them as CSA's could not get through their thick skulls that an acct. number was never issued by their vendor and they could not figure out that all they had to do was use an address to pull up an account. DUH! Bottom line stay away from this greedy and incompentent corporate Monster and go with one of the smaller and leaner phone providers-you will thank yourself for it--better service, cheaper and intelligent customer service reps who actually have a brain and can add 2 + 2


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