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Posted on Monday, February 4th, 2013 at 10:22pm CST by 8c9bba78

Product: Transmission Repair

Company: Passaic County Transmission & Auto Repair

Location: 1105 Route 23 South Wayne, NJ 07470
WAYNE, NJ, 07470, US

Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

RIPOFF?Passaic County Transmission & Auto Repair, Wayne, NJ

Transmission repair price soars 26% - $ 700.00 plus other work!

I contracted with Passaic County Transmission (dba. PCT Transmission & Auto Repair) to replace my malfunctioning transmission with a remanufactured transmission which included shop parts $ 9.95 and complete removal/install and ATF for $ 2,725.00. A printed estimate with these specifics was provided.

On Thursday 01/10/13 I received a call from Michael ?Mike? Criscuoli, owner stating that I also needed to replace the radiator, wheel bearings, rear main motor seal, and many other parts. I clamed him down and we discussed the additional work and reduced it to radiator, wheel bearings and motor seal at a not to exceed $650.00. Two days later, Saturday I left a voice-mail requesting to see the damaged/replaced parts.

After having the car for 6 days, on Monday 01/14/13 I received another call from Mike stating that a remanufactured transmission would now cost $ 700 more because my transmission could not be rebuilt. I questioned what my transmission had to do with anything? I contracted for a remanufactured transmission not to have my transmission rebuilt.

Mike then stated that if I would not accept this increase, I could pay him $800 plus for transmission labor plus the extra repairs and tow my car out of his shop, that day. I told him that I did not contract with him to rebuild my transmission but for a remanufactured transmission, how and from where it was sourced was his business and contractual obligation. His reply was that I should know how his industry works. I replied that I didn?t know how his industry worked but he did have me by the ?jewels? and I have no alternative but to proceed.

When I arrived to pick up my car Wednesday 01/16/13 Mike was unable to show me the damaged interior of my transmission, to point out why it could not be ?rebuilt?, it was already reassembled on the bench. The front wheel bearings that were replaced?were also unavailable to be viewed, they had to be returned to the auto parts supplier. What customer knows if their transmission can be rebuilt or not when they put it into a Transmission Shop? That?s why I contracted for a remanufactured transmission not a rebuild of my own trans?

I had to pay to get my car out. I was Ripped Off!


Robert Allyn L., 2013-02-05, 08:45AM CST

1st A reman transmision is a transmision out of another car that has been re-manufactured (fancy term for Rebuilt carefully)

2nd All Re-man parts require the "CORE" (old part) to be returned for Re-manufacturing. If that part is too badley damaged you have to pay a "CORE CHARGE" to replace it.

3rd Ther is never ever a CORE charge on wheel bearings, and either they did not change yours or the tech oopsed and threw the old parts out.

So all in all you may not have been ripped off, but you were definately dealt with very poorly.

Business Reply  Mike C., 2013-02-14, 12:30AM CST

To respond to our customers complaint. To start, I informed the customer that his Acura transmission was an unbuildable core and could not be fixed for the original estimate. To much internal damage had been done and the parts cost to replace was the price of the estimate. I informed the customer that we would have to go and buy a re-manufactured transmission because his wasn't able to be fixed. We never replaced his wheel bearings but it was his front axles. There is always a core charge on axles and furthermore we had his truck up on the lift and showed him the new parts. His transmission core was still at the shop when he came for pickup and was reassembled for core pickup. Its still here if you would like to come and inspect. We also informed the customer when him first came in with a transmission problem 3 months before repair, that continued driving will do more damage internally which always leads to more cost. Notice nowhere here has he mentioned the deal I gave him on the remained of the work needed or how the vehicle is performing. Just another person who thinks they know how every business works and somebody's always trying to get one over on them. The customer was informed throughout his whole process of what was going on and was always offered to come down and we would show him what is happening. He came in for a partial refund and since he didn't get his way will go to the internet and try and disparage an honest small business that did right by him.

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