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Posted on Monday, February 4th, 2013 at 10:55pm CST by Laurie J.

Product: Solar water heater

Company: Entirely Pure

Location: 4518 N. 12th street Phoenix AZ

URL: http://www.entirelypure.com/

Category: Appliances, Equipment, Tools

Our Daughter was an intern at entirely pure and got us involved with Reza the owner. He came over and they did an audit of the system. He then explained the saving we would get of at least 30%. We installed a Solar Water Heater, Vapor Barrier,and Duct Sealing. This we were told would save us at least 30% on our electric bill. We Financed $10,997 through Enerbank USA. Our out of pocket expenses would be around $5000 dollars after rebates and tax incentives. The system was installed in December 2011. We were all so excited to be doing what was right for the environment and our packet book. First month showed a small saving??? Not 30% Hmmm. We waited a couple of months still no saving and even had more usage. We decided to wait it out for the summer months and see what happens. The bills were even worse. We then started making calls for service as something was wrong. 5 service calls later nothing, just scratched heads and no answers.

We then started asking for our MONEY back as there was a 30% guarantee. Seemed simple huh. Well, not so much turns out we had to wait a whole year before we could even discuss options. So we wait till January and contact them for some sort of resolution to this problem. We got a lot of we will call you back .Yeah not so much finally we met with the office manager (Elijah) and the GM (Renee). They stated we would get back our $627 for the power saving guarantee. We stated our case and we came up with a reasonable offer of half our out of pocket expenses and they could even take the system back . We were told we would get a response back the next day NOTHING. We finally got a hold of the GM Renee She promised to get an answer back on Monday OK....No Call back or answer. Finally after a huge run around we get Reza on the phone. long conversation but, the response was our system is fine you must be just using more electricity. I thought about that but, realized we had less people living in the house in 2012 than 2011 by 2. Seems that alone should have dropped our power bill. So then he states we are not getting any money back even the 30% guarantee they all agreed we should get.....

Absolutely misleading sales and the Guarantee is useless If the system does not get the 30% they say you are the variable and its your fault..


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