www.ashleymadison.com - Ashleymadison.com is a scam ripoff website

Posted on Sunday, February 3rd, 2013 at 5:53pm CST by Scum B.

Company: www.ashleymadison.com

Location: US

URL: www.ashleymadison.com

Category: Internet Services

An acquaintance of mine signed me up to www.ashleymadison.com as a joke. I attempted to quit the site and they're demanding $19.00 USD to remove the profile. I find their behavior scandalous. They're hoping that some men will be so scared of their wives finding out that they will gladly pay this fee for removal. The truth is it's a very simple algorithm to allow users to delete profiles. Ashleymadison is holding men by the balls, trying to extract money from them. If their site was legitimate to begin with, there's no way they'd need to make this kind of demand. Furthermore, you can sign up for the site via mobile phone (exactly how my coworker did this to me), but you need a desktop computer to "hide" your profile. So now I have to login to a work computer to deal with this outrageous website. Rot in hell Ashley Madison.


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