Storquest - Dangerous Conditions and Storage Facility

Posted on Sunday, February 3rd, 2013 at 11:34am CST by Tory F.

Product: Storage

Company: Storquest

Location: 8889 Marshall Ct


Category: Delivery, Moving Services, Storage

I rented a storage facility to store items from my home while we prepared it for sale. We rented the facility in October 2012. The unit we were given was in the back corner of the facility where the leaves seemed to collect. While we were moving into the unit we had to work through a massive pile of leaves. The leaves ended up all over my belongings as I put them into the unit. I complained to man at the front desk and he said he'd have something done about it. The next weekend I returned to add more items to the unit and found that nothing had been done. I complained again and didn't return until December 2012. In December 2012 I was bringing some more items and this time it wasn't leaves, but piles of snow and ice. I was unable to enter my unit due the huge pile of snow that was in front of it. Also, to even get close to the unit I had to maneuver my way over a thick sheet of ice. I also noticed that the only fire extinguisher in sight was also blocked by a pile of snow. I was forced to clear my own path and remove my items from the facility permanently so that I could have proper access to my things. I tried to make a final complaint to the front desk and request my last month of rent be returned to me because I had to remove my items. The manager Stacey has been very cold and uncooperative. She continually tries to pawn me off on some random number where no one ever calls me back. When I finally reach her she promises to follow up and call me back but she never does.


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