MSC Industrial Supply Co - Fraud

Posted on Saturday, February 2nd, 2013 at 6:51pm CST by Richard K.

Product: Machinery

Company: MSC Industrial Supply Co

Location: MSC Industrial Supply 75 Maxess Road Melville, NY 11747-3151


Category: Unauthorized Charges

This warning is about MSC Industrial Supply Co. They're a distributor of industrial machinery and support components. They're typically overpriced in my opinion, so I don't usually order from them. After a couple of years of personal debate, I decided to order a piece of metalworking equipment.

Since MSC was having a year end sale(and a reasonable price on the machine I wanted), I decided to purchase one from them. We settled on the purchase price and a year-end reduced shipping rate.

I wanted to pay cash via a Mastercard debit card. Well, its a really large purchase and it was denied-due to a "daily point of sale limit" on the card. A fraud protection device. I had to call the bank and have the limit raised temporarily. At that point, while I was on the phone with them, they sent the purchase

through. They said it went through just fine. The machine was prepped and shipped to a terminal where I could pick it up. The terminal gave me a call telling me it was there. Before I could go get it, I get a call telling me that my card was denied. It seems that when they sent it through originally, all they did was put a hold on the card for the agreed amount. They didn't actually send a purchase through. After they shipped the machine, they tried to charge my card an extra $1000.00! This extra (unapproved or even mentioned) amount tripped the fraud alert and the bank denied it. MSC then put a hold on the release of the machine at the terminal. When I phoned them, they said the best way was to pay the extra $1k and they would credit me the difference. NO! They finally decided to create an internal credit to the purchase(which took a couple of days) and then I was able to hassle with the bank and get the purchase sent through, at the original agreed-to amount of debit card payment. I even have an email stating that everything is balanced, corrected, and paid for. They released the hold, I took my trailer to the terminal, picked up the very heavy machine, everything is done. Apparently everything is not done. Here I am, a month later and I'm getting a nasty letter from the MSC credit department. They are telling me that I owe them $1k. They're claiming that this is the second "reminder" about this debt. They listed their credit aginst the price(to fix their overcharge) as a credit purchase. To recap quickly: they tried to overcharge my card by $1000.00 without my knowledge or permission, They supposedly fixed the error, but then they created a credit account in my name

without my knowledge or permission, then they assigned a fraudulent balance of $1000.00 to this mystery credit account, without my knowledge or permission, now they're sending me nasty letters demanding that I pay off this fake account that they created out of thin air(without my knowledge or permission). If this machine wasn't comparable in weight and cost to a car(but not so easy to move) then I'd package it up and send it back. I don't recommend the services of MSC to anybody!


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