Evergreen Pure Air - DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY

Posted on Saturday, February 2nd, 2013 at 7:23pm CST by 26cfafac

Company: Evergreen Pure Air

Location: US

Category: Products, Services

used a Groupon for duct cleaning. They sent 2 guys who clearly did not know what they were doing, spoke little or no english. All the head guy did was try to upsell on every single thing possible. The next thing i know he has the cover off my furnace as supposedly furnace cleaning was part of the coupon. He didn't even change the filter just tried to sell me another $200 worth of services. My furnace has not run right since, whatever he did I now have to have a certified furnace technican come out and fix. I have left numerous messages since December with the supposed manager, but no ressponse. What a joke. they have no business being in business.


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