Experian - Experian $1 Credit Report & Score SCAM! - Misleading, Desparate, Thieves

Posted on Saturday, February 2nd, 2013 at 3:05pm CST by 2da9cca6

Product: $1 Credit Report/Score

Company: Experian

Location: US

URL: InfoExD.com

Category: Business, Finances

I'm so disgusted and amazed at how low companies will sink to steal money from people! Ruthless!! About 1 month ago I went to the Experian website to simply purchase ONE credit report and score for $1 as blatantly advertised clearly on their website... then a couple of months pass and I later discover (after examining my bank statements) that I was billed twice ... (once in Dec. 2012 and again in Jan 2013) in the amount of $19.07 by what was listed/described as "Experian *CreditRep InfoExD.com CA" ... no phone number... on my bank statement.

I was already signed up with a DIFFERENT credit monitoring service, and thought perhaps it was a billing error... so I called and they said the charge was not theirs. With no phone number... I figured the "InfoExD.com" from the listing on my statement might be a website... I was then redirected to some page..."http://info.experiandirect.com/" which basically explained that I was a member of a "Triple Advantage Membership" that was a result of a mysterious 7 day trail period that ended... oh... really? This was news to me... as I only remembered paying $1 for a report and not signing up for any trail... usually the "trail" verbiage is CLEARLY and OBVIOUSLY stated... and visible and "IN YOUR FACE" so you know that it is a trail... but this is not the case with Experians $1 Report/Score and it's done intentionally.

I went through all the pages again to do a fake sign up to see how I missed it and on the last page in tini-tiny-itty-bitty 5pt or less text in light grey is the a hard to read mini-sentence that says "Includes 7 day trail...."

I was pissed, so I called and demanded a cancellation and refund... after calling 3 times, they finally gave me at least one month refund for $19.07 ... horrible!!!!! What a scam!!!


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