Horizon Services - Horizon Services - phony repair and sales

Posted on Friday, February 1st, 2013 at 2:21pm CST by N.G. F.

Product: HVAC -- Home heating system

Company: Horizon Services

Location: 900 Adams Avel, Audubon PA 19403

URL: www.horizonservices.com

Category: Home, Garden

NEARLY SCAMMED into a $9000 system when $100 repair was all that was needed.

When home heating system would not work we called Horizon Services of Audubon Pa and Wilmington De. Paid for a service call 1/21/13 where repairman said we'd need a $1285 motor and $970 valve to get heat going. Then we spoke to Horizon sales re possible replacement, quoted $9000.

Turns out all that was wrong was igniter was a bit dirty and wouldn't light. Another firm -- a reputable firm, not a scam outfit--fixed the heater for $102!

It was 13 degrees the day Horizon came out and we were nearly flim-flammed into a $2000+ repair or $9000 new system that we did not need.

These folks love to self-promote, but WATCH yourself and do not believe all that hype.


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