- Lack of competency

Posted on Thursday, January 31st, 2013 at 11:58am CST by c5765d9b

Product: Bundled Internet, TV, Phone Service.


Location: PO Box 33077 St. Petersburg FL - 330773
THEY DON'T HAVE A LISTING, NJ, They don't list, US


Category: Internet Services

First, whenever you call for service, the phone communications between wait times and transfers can always account for minimum 45 minutes of your time.

I called for service and given a repair date and time. Downtime will be 5 days. The text came in with a different time than agreed upon. (8-12 agreed, 1-5 confirmed) We called to correct the time error. We were confirmed for the original time - 8-5. 15 minutes prior to the repairman's expected arrival, we receive a text confirming our scheduled time --- 1-5 which happened to be the time frame or the original text message. Calling them did no good. I spent 48 minutes being transferred and told this was our time and asked why we changed it. Seriously, Verizon, you have incompetent technical support staff, a lack of empoyees answering your phones, and you treat your customers with such sickly sweet patronage when things go wrong but refuse to fix them. The next available is a week from today. 15 days downtime. In the meantime, I am racking up my data plan minutes using my hotspot. But that's another department I need to connect to to discuss discounting my outage time and my data plan of my wireless. I can expect another 45 minute to an hour wait.

This company could care less about the service they provide. Your bundled package is a drop in the bucket to them and they could care less if they lost your business.


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