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Posted on Wednesday, January 30th, 2013 at 4:09pm CST by Carol W.

Product: Travel

Company: Priceline

Location: 800 Connecticut Avenue, Norwalk, Connecticut 06854
NORWALK, CT, 06854, US


Category: Travel, Vacations

Transcript of chat:

You have been connected to Sky.

Sky: Hi Carol! Thanks for choosing to chat with us today, how may I help you?

Carol Westerman: How can Priceline advertise: There's a large outdoor pool and hot tub ringed by a sunny terrace, for the "four star" Fairmont Hotel in Newport Beach when the pool is and has been closed for renovation?

Sky: I'll be more than happy to help you with that Carol. Please give me a moment to look up your reservation and get you that information.

Carol Westerman: 80676801 is myreservation number

Sky: I can certainly check that for you. Please give me 1-2 minutes while I review your reservation.

Carol Westerman: Thank you Sky

Sky: You're very much welcome!

Carol Westerman: It's my birthday that Saturday and I was counting on a pool. Can substitute a different 4 star hotel?

Sky: Carol, Thank you for your continued patience. I have reviewed your reservation. Usually if renovations are minor, hotels will usually stay open and allow guests to check in. I would be more than happy to call the hotel and get additional information about their renovations and whether they would impact your stay. Would you like me to call?

Carol Westerman: It says on their website that the pool is closed through mid-February

Carol Westerman: I would just like to cancel or to get a different area hotel with an open pool

Sky: I'll take note of that for you. Please give me 3-5 minutes while I call the hotel to verify the information so we can check your options.

Carol Westerman: Thank you again

Sky: I appreciate that.

Sky: Carol, I'm still working to resolve this for you, I'll have an update momentarily.

Carol Westerman: No prob

Sky: Thank you.

Sky: Carol, Thank you for continued patience. I had spoken with Stephany - Front Desk from the hotel, she confirmed that the pool is under renovation, however assured us that this will not impact your stay at the property. She said as an alternate the Jacuzzi is open for use also they can refer the guests to swim with their sister property which is Radisson.

Carol Westerman: Can you get the Radisson... I'll pay more... Limited time there and pool is VERY important to me

Sky: Carol, I know this is an important matter to you. However, you choose the dates of travel, the quality level, and the zone. Based on those selections and availability, priceline determines the specific hotel. Once your reservation is accepted it cannot be changed or cancelled.

Carol Westerman: I'll take a different area.... maybe Laguna Beach? That would be great-- as long as there is a pool

Sky: I apologize Carol; however, I do not have any other options to offer or a different policy that I can advise you of to resolve your issue.

Carol Westerman: How can you advertise 4 star with amenities that include a pool, when there is not one on site?????

Sky: I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. I am reviewing the information presented on our site for your confirmed hotel and we did not state that a pool would be included. We do not have any control over the availability from the hotel.

Sky: I am sorry I was not able to provide you with the options you wanted. If there is nothing further I can help you with, I?d like to thank you for chatting with us today Carol.

Carol Westerman: Your description of a 4 star does indeed say that

Sky: Carol, you purchased a rate that only guarantees the amenities shown for your chosen star level and area prior to purchase. Since pool was not guaranteed for your chosen star level or area, you could have received a hotel without this amenity.

Carol Westerman: I will find out what the BBB says....

Sky: I will document your concern. If there's nothing further, Thank you for choosing to chat with us today.


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