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Posted on Tuesday, January 29th, 2013 at 7:55pm CST by Joseph T.

Product: Time share

Company: Wyndham Vacation Resorts

Location: 8427 Southpark Circle
ORLANDO, FL, 32819, US

Category: Travel, Vacations

To whom It May Concern.

Dear,Madam ,Sir,

This is Joseph Tran.I need to report my complaint to Wyndham Vacation Resorts because i want to save for next person before they sign any contract with them. From december /28/2012 my family went to Las Vegas for vacation.My daughter came to Paris hotel to buy show tickets on sale .So one person have small booth at Paris Hotel told us went to Harrahs Hotel to get the ticket.So next day we went to Harrahs Hotel and looking for Wyndham Vacation Resorts to get 04 ticket so we met the sale man name Yenekal introduced my family to the timeshare.So I told him i came to get show ticket only ,I couldn't make the decision right now and then he try to push us alot of pressure to buy the timeshare and i told him when i go home sent me the paper work to read before i buy because My English not good enough to understand the cotract but he said i still have time to cancel the contract.So I went home looking for my best friend who was born in America to tranlate the contract for me after my family understand the contract and then my family decided to cancel .I try to call Yenekal by his cell phone he gave me because he said if any thing chage call his cell phone but when i calling him no answer the phone ( I have record the date and time when i call him) I look at the contract I have 5 day to cancel the contract but i stay in las vegas for vacation 4 day already i have only 1 day to cancel so i call him right the day five but he no answer until sunday he answer my phone and said too late i try to explain for him and he said wait to Manage to answer him so I decided to sent the express mail with signature return and fax paper to the Manager and they still no answer.And next day one Lady from financing departmen told me sit down and wroter the letter for the President & CEO Wyndham Vacation Resorts .So I try one more time with hope he help me to cancel the contract and if he give me penanty I hapy to pay but still no answer.So I do not know what to do next.I do not know why they did not give me the change to cancel the contract because when i sign it i did not understand English that much. So I hope the President & CEO Wyndham Vacation Resorts read this complain and give me the change to cancel the contract. Thanks and have good one.

Joseph Tran


Eva C., 2013-01-30, 12:36PM CST

I'm sorry but I doubt he will give you the change to cancel the contract, all they want is your money, they don't care about you. When you buy, you'll be paying ever increasing maintenance fees FOREVER!!!,With those maintenance fees, you can easily stay at a 5 star resort of your choice, not theirs, by using expedia, hotwire, hotels dot COM discount websites. Sales people are trained to make you feel stupid if you don't buy, in other words, STAY AWAY FROM WYNDHAM! I know a company that can give you a totally free consultation on what to do next, this is their website:


hope everything else's going well for you, good luck!

No T., 2013-07-23, 05:44PM CDT

You can use those lies against them, I have helped a lot of Wyndham owners get out of their contracts. You just got to know where to hit them. Visit my site at www.timesharetricks.blogspot.com, I even have a how to book that guides you step by step how to get free of Wyndham.

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