HostGator Brazil - Hostgator - the worst of Brazil hosting provider

Posted on Tuesday, January 29th, 2013 at 7:52am CST by Murillo E$duardo P.

Product: Hosting

Company: HostGator Brazil

Location: Rod. Jose Carlos Daux, 8600


Category: Internet Services

The company HostGator Brazil is getting worse every day in all its sectors. I do not recommend anyone to hire this company because operational problems are of such rides, which still surprises me that clients have hired to host their websites, but let's see:

1st. For more than five days my tickets which I ask for technical support are not answered and even it doesn?t appear on my list of open tickets, despite numerous requests of urgency that I have done;

2nd. They systematically ignore my requests to change the registration email from my company;

3rd. The company's servers knocked several times my shop without the HostGator answer why their servers are so instable. Already sent them the error codes displayed and they simply do not respond my questions to solve correctly the issue;

4th. Ombudsman of the company, despite being asked to solve the inertia of technical support also does not respond to emails from customers who seek it.

So, I recommend to anyone thinking twice before hiring this company for hosting. If hosting virtual store then, think more, because the damage to the image of the store will be very large.


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