Renault Centurion - Fraudulent & Unethical

Posted on Tuesday, January 29th, 2013 at 3:01pm CST by Jaco V.

Product: Renault Fluence 2.0 Privilidge

Company: Renault Centurion

Location: CENTURION, 0157, ZA


Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

I have purchased a Renault Fluence practically brand new with only 9700km on the clock. The dealership withheld the truth regarding this vehicles history & done a fraudulent transaction while being totally unethical regarding the whole deal.

Renault Centurion had sold me a vehicle that has been in multiple accidents & even had the engine replaced. This was only brought to my knowledge, 2 weeks after i have purchased the vehicle, when i started getting suspicious about the hooter not working after the car supposedly went for full AA & Renault 101 checks. This vehicle was even registered on my name with the old engine number & i was left to go on holiday with this illegally registered vehicle.

The staff knew about this vehicle's history even if they all denied they did not know. The guys in the workshop dealt with all the repairs after sales has crashed it. I asked every person i dealt with, from the workshop, sales even finance, if this car was in an accident with them all answering no. Now would you want to deal with this kind of dishonesty with this dealership's standards going as low as this just to make a quick sale? They have no morals & no concern about their customers.

Apparently i have no right to cancel such a deal stated by the AMH Group regional Director Keith Plekker. I have to live with this fraudulent dishonest service this dealership has given me & shut my mouth & be happy with what i got.

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Andre van Zyl, 2014-03-27, 04:02AM CDT

Most pathetic dealership in South-Africa, trust me I know. Took vehicle in for diagnostics test but from the beginning told them there was 3 diagnostics tests done on the car before and I do not think their Machine can be better. They guarenteed me it will show the real error. Took it in and they phoned me back the fault is the same and I much fetch my car and that was it. Not even a Diagnostics report. Stealing money. Convince you to come but the backyard mechanic knows way more then them. Want to leave a complaint on headquarters website: Do not even bother they never get back to you. Advice to all Do not buy Renault you will be sorry. No resale value and it cost you an arm and a leg on maintenance because it so unreliable.

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