Vera & Vera - Dont do it!!

Posted on Monday, January 28th, 2013 at 1:15pm CST by 20dd4253

Product: Financial Services

Company: Vera & Vera

Location: 560 Hudson Street, First Floor, Suite 1


Category: Products, Services

Rich Vera took money from my sister and claimed he would research her financial records. When it came time to disclose what he found he suddenly needed more money to complete the job. All in all he took $2500 and produced nothing for her. In my opinion this guy is a complete fraud!

After talking to him he had every excuse under the sun why he couldn't provide her with any supporting evidence that he had done any work. Wast of money.


Business Reply  Richard V., 2014-05-10, 04:03PM CDT

It was thoroughly explained to the client's brother (with the client's permission) that his sisters legal team requested a report not be generated although all findings were verbally explained. Again a legal strategic decision made by the lead attorney.

During the course of our conversation the client's brother became verbally abusive and threatened to write a negative review if I did not disregard the wishes of his sisters legal team and capitulate to his demands to generate a written report. Needless to say I did not succumb to his bullying and true to his word he opted to flame me in retaliation.

All in all he came across as immature and abrasive.

20dd4253, 2014-05-10, 04:46PM CDT

Let Vera's posting serve as further proof that he has an excuse queued up for everything. My sister, his so called "client", hired Mr. Vera and paid Mr. Vera directly, not her legal team. She had requested a report of his findings several times and received nothing in return. She very well could have lit her money on fire and netted the same results. My recommendation to avoid him at all costs stands.

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