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Posted on Monday, January 28th, 2013 at 11:40am CST by 547dd897

Company: General Electric

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January 28, 2013

I purchased a new washing machine (GTWN4250DOWS) in Nov. 2012. It was installed in my home on Nov. 26, 2012.

I regretted purchasing the machine a few days after I got it. This washer is supposed to save water and energy and instead it is using more water and energy than any other washer I have ever owned.

I had to purchase a GE washer because I had a space problem and was basically stuck with GE.

I had to call GE on Nov. 30th because my work aprons got caught around the agitator and I could not free them. GE had to send out a repairman to take the machine apart to get my aprons free. The repairman told me to buy a garment bag. I can no longer wash my comforters in the washer. It will not fill with enough water to wash them. I was told by the repairman to take them to a laundromat.

I have had numerous other problems with the machine. The rinse usually lasts 6 minutes, but at times it only rinses for 1 minute. Sometimes after the rinse cycle drains, the washer will not spin the water out. Another time I went to do a load of wash. The washer filled with water and then did nothing.

You cannot change cycles or the washer dumps the soap and water out and you have to start all over again. The "Precise Fill" setting is unreliable. It doesn't always put the correct amount of water in the washer to wash the laundry. I have to baby sit the machine to make sure it goes through all of the cycles so that my clothes get cleaned. Sometimes there is soap still left in my clothes. It takes ONE HOUR to do a load of laundry.

I sent a letter of complaint to the CEO of General Electric letting him know how sorry I was that I ever purchased the machine and how much I hated it. I got a letter from Mary Beth Culver telling me to call her at "my convenience". That was in December. I called only to get her voicemail. I left a message. When I didn't hear from her, I called back to find she was out of her office until Jan. 3rd. Jan. 3rd came and went and I finally heard from her after writing a second letter to GE's CEO.

Ms. Culver said that if I wanted I could get a refund for the washing machine, which I decided to accept. I had to fax her a copy of bill of sale, which I did.

Ms. Culver then left a message on my answering machine referring to the arrangement as a "buy back" and not a refund. That had me concerned. Buy back does not necessarily mean refund. She told me a company (3PD) would be calling me to arrange to pick up the machine and give me a check. She did not specify what the amount of the check would be for.

Today, I got a call from 3PD, the company that is suppose to come for the machine. 3PCC wanted to come tomorrow. I asked Christine at 3PD how much the check was made out for and she knew NOTHING about a check. I told Christine that if there was NO check, they need not bother to come because they were not taking my machine without providing me with a check for it.

Christine told me her company only picks up the returns, they NEVER handle money. It is not their policy.

I then got a message from Ms. Culver. She said she spoke with Christine and there was some confusion. Again she told me that 3PD would get a check from GE and they would provide me with the check when they came to pick up the machine. I find it interesting that Ms. Culver still has not told me what the amount of the check is going to be even though I have asked in writing.

I guess I will have to wait until 3PD calls back yet again and ask them if they have the check and what the amount is because I can't seem to get an answer from Ms. Culver.

I will never do business with General Electric again. It would have been easier to knock down a wall in my home to make room for a larger washer, then it has been dealing with General Electric.


9aea58f7, 2013-01-29, 01:55PM CST

I remodeled my kitchen in 2008 and bought all GE SS appliances. My oven was the first problem. I could not use the oven and the jets at the same time. When the oven was on, it blew out the flame on the jets and the house filled up with gas. 7 visits from repair men and was told to put aluminum foil around the vents. I finally called the state attorney general and was contacted by Mary Beth Culver and received a new stove. Next, my dishwasher control panel broke and I could not open the dishwasher which was now out of warranty. $300.00 repair bill. Next, my refrigerator is causing everything to freeze. Lots of wasted food and again out of warranty. I am so disgusted with the poor quality of GE products. If you are in the market for appliances, skip GE. Poor customer service, poor quality and high prices.

547dd897, 2013-01-31, 10:01PM CST


This is an update to my complaint. 3PD called to set up an appointment to come and get the washer and they have a refund check for the amount I paid for the machine. I can't wait for this machine to be GONE. I can't believe how many problems I am having with the machine. Night before last it was making a noise like a tea kettle whistling while on the rinse cycle. Today, I went to do a load of laundry and the washer filled with water, but instead of agitating the clothes, it started to drain the water out and the "rinse" light came on. I had to start all over again.

This is the second time I have had a washer that had problem after problem. There will never be a third. I'm so done with GE.

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