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Posted on Sunday, January 27th, 2013 at 2:55am CST by Casey S.

Company: California EDD

Location: US

Category: Government, Police

To whom it may concern,

I have been collecting benefits from the EDD and was just recently given another extension in December 2012. I have complied with all rules and regulations asked by the EDD and have not had many problems thus far. I never received my last month?s payment for December in the amount of $450.00. I have also not received claim forms for January.

On January 8th 2013 I received a letter titled ?Additional Instructions? asking for information of my last date of work and last employer information. I was given a telephone number and website. I have called the EDD over 3,000 times over a period of one week. I have had no success contacting EDD. I have also written 12 emails with no response. I drove to a career center that the EDD instructed me go to for a past meeting and they too said that the EDD is not answering phone calls and the best thing I can do is to continue to email daily. Finally, I decided to reapply for benefits as a backup plan. No response.

On January 10th 2013 I received a letter titled ?Notification of Unemployment Insurance Benefits Eligibility Interview.? The letter states that I would have a phone interview between 10am and 12pm, Pacific Standard Time on my cell phone (805) 402-9385, on January 17th 2013. I waited next to my cell phone all day from 7am to 5pm. I never received a phone call, missed call or voicemail. Again, I tried contacting the EDD via phone calls, emails, and career centers. I have had no responses.

I write this letter as a final plea for help. Like many other suffering Californians, I lost my job due to lack of work from the recession. I have paid into this program and have always been a strong believer in the EDD. I have a Bachelor?s degree in Film Production and further training in Clinical Psychology. I continually look for work everyday. I depend on these payments until I can get back on my feet again. With no payments in the last month and a half ($2,700) I have failed to pay my rent and insurance. I currently am being evicted from my home, and have had phone calls that my car will soon be repossessed.

Please help.


Casey Simon

805 402 9385


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49c3600c, 2013-07-06, 12:48AM CDT

Casey did you ever get this worked out? I just received the same letter and have no clue what to do with it.

Casey S., 2013-07-06, 02:00AM CDT

Yes, there was someone at the EDD trying to screw me. Kept placing a hold on my account. I wrote just about every government official I could; it was not until 3 months after I wrote our US President that I got a phone call from the EDD director. He apologized and fixed my account. Not easy. Write letters! Good luck.

3aecdcd9, 2013-09-15, 03:28AM CDT

I too have just recently been having a problem

With receiving my unemployment check. I did finally

Get a job but haven't been paid yet, I'm know training.

I have a car payment I can't pay because I should have

Received my check from EDD to no avail.

I'm worried and frustrated, thank good I have family

That at least I have a roof over my head

Signed "losing faith in the system"

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