Chase home finance - Loan modification

Posted on Wednesday, January 30th, 2013 at 9:58am CST by Angela T.

Company: Chase home finance

Location: PO Box 24696 Columbus Ohio 43224-0696
COLUMBUS, OH, 43224 -0696, US


Category: Real Estate

In May 2009 I applied for a loan modification with J.P. Morgan Chase. I saw the advertisement on TV for Obama making home affordable program. I received a reply from Chase Stating that I was approved for a temporary modification Would begin On October 1. 2009. I was told to make the payment in the Amount that has been approved by Chase For the next three months. In January 2010 I received a letter from Chase Stating that my final modification was approved. I was told to start my Payment on March 1, 2010. The Obama making home affordable program Stated that I will get $1000 toward my of my mortgage For five years. I made The payment As I have been instructed to. On May 9, 2011 I was served with foreclosure paper With stated that I had not paid mortgage For the last two years. I had To get legal counsel ! Take time off from work, Was treated for depression, And had to literally Fight for my house. I had all my receipts Of payments I have made For the last two years. The lawyer instructed me To continue making payments Which I did. I made my June payment on May 28 2011 That payment Was returned to me On June 9 2011. Chase Stated That because my house was in foreclosure And my loan was in default That they would no longer accept any payments from me. After spending money on a lawyer to fight Chase On my home. In August 2011 Chase stated that they finally found the money Of the payments I had made . Chase whole argument was That I had not been approved for modification. I presented the letter that they had sent stating that I was approved. Chase David August 2011 that everything was straightened out, They sent me a Letter of apology, They also stated that they would straighten out my credit which was now been ruined by them. As of today I am Still getting collection calls From Chase, My credit remains ruined. Chase is stating that they found everything except for one payment which they want me to pay. I would like to be included in a class action lawsuit for Chase ruining my life and the constant harassment. Someone please respond and tell me what are my options. Chase is threatening me With foreclosure procedure For one payment which they stayed


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