Careone Dental or Comfort Dental - They were going to drill into my healthy teeth

Posted on Saturday, January 26th, 2013 at 7:33pm CST by 5c8c2595

Product: Dental

Company: Careone Dental or Comfort Dental

Location: Vancouver WA Portland OR


Category: Other

I would not trust these people. They first told me I needed a crown in 2011, I believed them, They do a horrible job, even gave me a discount because of how horrible it was...But then, Now they look at it and say there is decay in the tooth and that the crown needs to be replaced..until I remind them that they just put that crown on a year ago...Then they say the tooth is fine...instead they say I have decay in two other teeth and that I need a crown on another tooth...I went and got a second opinion.... I have NO decay in any of my teeth and NO reason for a new crown on that other tooth. They were going to drill into healthy teeth. When I called to talk to Liem Do the owner of this place about what was going on and that I wanted my money back for a crown I don't believe I ever needed, I was told to pursue litigation via his secretary. There is something creepy going on there...Plus I found out that a cleaning is supposed to take 45min, not 10 to 15 min...what are they charging the insurance.....I hope this helps prevent someone else from getting hurt.


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