Commissioner of Insurance - wisconsin - Insurance Problems and resolution

Posted on Saturday, January 26th, 2013 at 4:48pm CST by MsKaren M.

Product: Insurance Commission for WI

Company: Commissioner of Insurance - wisconsin

Location: 125 South Webster Street
MADISON, WI, 53703-3474, US


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I have contacted the Insurance Commission on several issues of internet fraud/overbilling by insurance companies (ehealth site) and even got scammed by ASPCA pet insurance where premiums were deducted without my knowledge or permission from my bank account without confirmation or receipts and then when my pet got sick (during the time I was covered) the ASPCA refused to forfeit the medical care for my dog (as issued in the bogus 'pet health insurance' even that they got the premiums without consent. All the Insurance Commission does is stall and push around papers for a couple months and side with the Insurance company no matter what the problem is or what the insurance company did or didn't do. I'm told to get an attorney - but the issue goes into several states where I'd have to get an attorney for each state to get a resolution. The government should not be the ones to oversee the insurance companies as they get away with MURDER - leaving the consumer nowhere to get justice and/or even acknowledgement IN WRITING - right now I'm going around and around with ANTHEM after I changed policies that didn't seem to be approved by "underwriting" until after the months I was UNCOVERED and uninsured - Now, they IGNORE my emails and letters and attempt to OVERBILL ME past premiums for coverage I didn't have (therefore didn't use for Oct/Nov and Dec . I was sent a premium bill for $95.00 in Dec because obviously when I sent in a larger premium in Nov underwriting didn't accept my new policy change - I sent in the requested 95.00 for Dec = then AFTER THE FACT and when ANTHEM already received the premium payment in full for DEC they back bill me for over $1000 !-Customer Service Rep - Greggory Webb(BCBS) says hes a licensed agent to help me but doesn't and stalls my complaints as well - the isurance commissioner never does a thing - In fact one complaint with Nationwide Dental billing me for a policy I canceled =I was told by the head of Insurance COmmission simply to ignore their billing ...Its up to $189.00 for dental insurance I canceled after 1 month because they doubled the price ! My dog never got the funds required and covered for her medical care, and my BCBS complaint still isn't acknowledged by anyone !


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