Richmond / Central VA Better Business Bureau - Richmond / Central VA Better Business Bureau are Scammers

Posted on Friday, January 25th, 2013 at 9:04am CST by e6dce52b

Product: Richmond / Central VA Better Business Bureau

Company: Richmond / Central VA Better Business Bureau

Location: US

Category: Telemarketing

Can't begin to express how horrible the experience has been with the Richmond area better business bureau We joined the accreditation program several years ago since we through it would 'help build trust' with our customers - boy were we wrong - they have been nothing but trouble form the get go. a few months ago we withdrew our accreditation membership since their services they were providing were all intent purposes worthless.

So what did they do ... they basically without any no notification they changed our rating from A+ to F, and then what blew my mind... is they pulled this 'telemarketing' stunt where one of there reps contacted us and said we can 'pay a fee' and rejoin and our 'F' rating would be changed.

Richmond, VA Better Business Bureau is nothing but a fraudulent operation who extorts money from business for better ratings

We've sent over 6 certified letters to get our company removed from their website - and to date not a single response from these scumbags.


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