Carbonite - Carbonite Never Finishes Backup

Posted on Thursday, January 24th, 2013 at 6:42pm CST by Fred B.

Product: Carbonite

Company: Carbonite

Location: US


Category: Internet Services

I subscribed to Carbonite's backup service over a year ago. During that time I would check the status of my backups. The service never completed my backup. After a year they told me it would take another 160 days to complete my backup. Basically it would take them the entire subscription period of 2 years to provide me with the assurance that my data was safely backed up. A complete rip off as far as I am concerned. When I complained they told me the would give me a prorated refund based upon the amount of time that I used their services.

Read their terms and conditions. If you have over 200gb, they throttle back your backup speed. Mine never finished - never got halfway finished.

Customer service was useless.


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