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Posted on Thursday, January 24th, 2013 at 3:55pm CST by ccf105cd

Product: Moving Services

Company: Monti Moving and Storage Company

Location: 10208 General Drive
ORLANDO, FL, 32824, US


Category: Delivery, Moving Services, Storage

I had contracted the service by the Monti Moving and Storage company to have my car and furniture delivered to me in Fort Worth, Texas. The car arrived in late June, while the furniture arrived at the beginning of August.

When I received my car, it was delivered with a bump on the roof, the left metal strip completely removed, and the right metal strip was damaged/half way unattached to the door.

I also received my furniture, but one of the legs on one of the dressers was damaged.

The issue I am having is that they delivered my belongings damaged and aparently don't want to pay for it. Not only that, but the drivers asked for money upfront or food in exchange for helping me carry the furniture to my apartment. They claimed they weren't authorized to do so. I bought them lunch, just so I could have my things placed in my apartment even though I paid the company for them to do such.

After many calls asking about my two claims, the customer service representative, who she herself does not know how to resolve my issue, always gives an unlikely story saying her supervisor(s), manager(s) and anyone for that matter is available to talk due to meetings. She claimed I would get a call, an e-mail and to this day I have yet to receive either. All I received during this problem was a final settlement of $50 when the repair costs for both car and furniture are much more severe.

I paid in total $4,333.00 which included an insurance for the furniture and an extra insurance for any damages done to the car.

I received a letter from Monti Moving and Storage on December 3rd 2012 stating that they cannot refund or pay for damages done. Saying that the damages that I'm claiming are specified and shown on the vehicle list. Which is not true.

On the vehicle list it is shown the metal strip was loose (noted with an L for loose) which in fact is true but only in a corner. It was minor and could've been easily fixed.

When I first looked at my car (when it was given to me), I noticed the metal strip was completely removed/ripped off and sitting in the back seat. The metal strip doesn't just simply fall off. It's obvious it was removed by force. Also have to note that the car was being shipped on a carrier and then mounted on a truck. It brings to question how an entire piece that was sealed/glued on to almost perfection can simply fall off when the car has minimal movement. I noted that fact to the driver of the truck and he suggested to try and sort things with Monti. When I signed off on the vehicle list I was fully aware the metal strip was loose in the corner not removed as it was given to me.

I went to get an estimate for the car and I was told that the whole side needs to be replaced. Volkswagen does not sale pieces individually once it's been ripped off.

Also, in my claim I state that there's a bump on the roof. There is no mention of that claim in their letter. Not only that, but there is no signs or notations on the vehicle list of the car having such damages.

I would really like to resolve this issue in the best and most efficient way possible. I am not satisfied with the service. I can safely say I will not use them again nor will I recommend them to anyone I know.


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