RM Autolink pvt. ltd. - complaint regarding vehicle not satisfactorily serviced. Invoice no. : 12IW15193

Posted on Friday, January 25th, 2013 at 10:10am CST by Mrs. Janta M.

Product: vehicle

Company: RM Autolink pvt. ltd.

Location: (238/A Zone-1 M.P. nagar bpl)

Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

i purchased a new vehicle on 13th jan 2012. after sometime due to minor accident on 19-11-2012 i had given vehicle no: MP04 SJ 4403 on 20-11-2012 to repair the accidental claim. the person responsible had not repaired the parts properly and the fender FR metal is thin and its white color does not match with the rest of the vehicle. in due course of time they did not even give any prior information as to the expenses to be incurred, neither did they inform us about the parts they were changing. the damaged part had just to be repaired but not changed. the parts changed are not as good as they should have been. the affected parts could have been repaired at a lower cost rather than it being replaced. the national insurance company engineer and RM Autolink pvt. ltd.( 238/A Zone-1 M.P. Nagar Bhopal)took this decision without our consent. this was highly unacceptable. now RM Autolink told me to place vehicle in the sunlight and the color will be alright. then with registered post i sent complaint on 31-12-2012 but no reply has come yet. they charged Rs 3261 and insurance company paid RS 2755. there is no matter of money, but the damage which could have been repaired in a small amount was extended to large amount of money by them. i have not recieved any claim amount from insurance company. i saw your pehredar program on television so expect you to kindly look into the matter so that this does not happen with anyone else in future. i'll be grateful to you..!


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