The Law Offices of Prince & Associates - SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013 at 8:47am CST by Patrick R.

Product: Loan Modifications

Company: The Law Offices of Prince & Associates

Location: 7800 Peters Road, Suite 200


Category: Law, Civil Rights

So get this! I hired this law firm in Florida to help me out with a loan modification. They wanted $1,500 up front and $500 to negotiate with my lender. I was a little hesitant but really needed the help. The guy handling my case, Will Smith (not kidding that's his name), told me I can't be guaranteed for a modification but I have a good chance of getting one. Sounds confusing right? So, I went along and waited. Supposedly it takes 30-90 days for mods to be completed five months later, nothing happened. I called up and demanded to speak with someone in charge about the situation, was put on hold, and then hung up on. Since then, they won't answer my calls nor respond to my e-mails. I am filing a complaint with the ABA about this David Prince guy. People like him should not be allowed to help others if he's ripping them off.


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Rosa V., 2013-01-24, 09:53AM CST

My problem was similar as well. I was behind in my mortgage about seven months with no assistance from my mortgage company. So, I decided to reach out to a law firm my friend recommended I call. They sounded very sincere over the phone and honest. The law firm did charge an upfront retainer fee but promised to start right away. After two months, no one from Prince & Associates kept me in the loop regarding my case even though they claim a case manager would be assigned to my situation. After spending over $2,000 with no one ever contacting me and having to call them only to be put on hold or passed around from one phone rep to another, my interest rate only changed from 7.8 to 6.75. I felt upset by the results and learned a valuable lesson: always research those you go into business with.

Earl G., 2013-02-17, 05:17PM CST

I could not disagree more with either the original complaint or the comment. Prince and Associates helped me stay in my home. While processing my documents I was lost and overwhelmed. The counselor Molly helped make sense of it and straighten everything out. My rate went down over a full 3 percentage points from 7.25 to 4.00. Thank you Prince and Associates for coming across fro me and helping me stay in my home

453e44e8, 2014-09-08, 05:31PM CDT

Amendments to Telemarketing Sales Rule Prohibiting Debt Relief Companies From Collecting Advance Fees Will Take Effect in October 2010

FTC Issues Final Rule to Protect Consumers in Credit Card Debt services. Before people sign up, you must disclose fundamental aspects of your services, including how long it will take for them to get results, how much it will cost, the negative consequences that could result from using debt relief services, and key information about dedicated accounts, if you use them.

?You can't misrepresent your services. The new Rule prohibits you from making false or unsubstantiated claims about your services


The new Rule applies to for-profit sellers of debt relief services and telemarketers for debt relief companies. The new Rule defines a "debt relief service" as a program that claims directly, or implies, that it can renegotiate, settle, or in some way change the terms of a person's debt to an unsecured creditor or debt collector. That includes reducing the balance, interest rates or fees a person owes. The TSR defines "telemarketing" as a "plan, program, or campaign . . . to induce the purchase of goods or services" involving more than one interstate telephone call. Most of the provisions of the TSR apply to sellers and telemarketers, so the terms "company" and "provider" in this Guide refer to both. In addition, certain parts of the Rule apply to those who provide substantial assistance or support to sellers or telemarketers.

Some examples of debt relief services include:

?Calls to you in response to advertising -- consumer calls in response to TV or radio commercials; infomercials; home shopping programs; ads in magazines, newspapers or the phone book; online ads; billboards; or ads in other media .

??Calls to you in response to most direct mail promotions

-- consumer calls in response to postcards, flyers, door hangers, brochures, "certificates," letters, email, faxes, etc., urging people to call about debt relief services.

1. How much your service costs and other important terms. Before someone signs up for your service, you must disclose all fees. If you charge a specific dollar amount, you must disclose that amount. If you charge a percentage of the amount a customer would save as a result of your program, you have to disclose both the percentage and the estimated dollar amount it represents for that customer. In addition, before someone signs up, you must disclose any material restrictions, limitations, or conditions on your services. If the sales presentation includes a statement about your company's refund policy, you must also include a clear and conspicuous disclosure of all terms and conditions of the policy. If you don't give refunds, the Rule requires you to tell people that before they sign up




fb89fc10, 2014-09-30, 10:44PM CDT

They are criminals! They take your money and do nothing and then won't refund it. They are very rude, I found them on Credit Karma which is another scam!

Stephen B., 2014-10-21, 12:12PM CDT

Im battling Cancer. We put in for bankruptcy with Prince Law who takes out $250.00 a month for a total of $1500.00. We couldn't afford to pay the rest so we called them asking for a refund of the money we already paid. They said in there contract after 15 days we lose it. Im on SSD after suffering a heart attack in 2002. Then I finding out I had prostate cancer in which after a cat scan I found out I had kidney cancer and had a kidney removed. After radiation and radioactive seeds implanted in my prostate then finding out I have Liver problems. I guess this so called honest lawyers don't have a problem about keeping my money. I sent a message to the BBB and I'm waiting to see if there's something they can do to help us get a refund!

Lee H., 2015-01-13, 11:27AM CST

This law firm took $1880 from me to file a chapter 7 paid in full 7/20/14 and have not filed it and i want my money back but they have been running me around for the past 3 months they say they will call me back and they have turned this over to a lawyer in my area and on and on i just don't know what to do i am a disabled veteran and just can't afford to shell out another $1880 to file chapter 7 again

M W., 2015-01-31, 07:57PM CST

I signed a contract online with Prince Law Firm for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. As I live in South Carolina, would it be a good idea to speak with someone from their associated law firm in South Carolina before I send them money?

Lee H., 2015-02-03, 11:04AM CST

don't send money get a local lawyer M W., 2015-01-31, 07:57PM CST

7bb4aec1, 2015-04-10, 10:23PM CDT

Stay away from Prince law this company is a scam! They will not file your bankruptcy ! Stay away! I filed s complaint with the BBB and got an attorney locally. They took my 1885 and I never got my money back ! Stay away

58bf9321, 2015-07-30, 02:10PM CDT

Never use this firm. I've been hustled back and forth for over a year. I still don't have a bankruptcy claim filed and they are trying to make it look like I'm the one who isn't following through. If I had the money I would sue them.

1b031217, 2016-02-04, 04:59PM CST

I too have been dealing with Prince Law Firm since 12-13-13. This is the date I filled out the ton of paper work and mailed it back to them. Never heard anything was supposed to go to court in 45 days. In April of 2015, I contacted them to see what was happening with my bankruptcy they told me they couldn't find my documentation could I send it all in again. So again I send them the papers they request. Today I call 2-4-2016 because again no contact from them and bill collectors are still calling so I call Prince Law Firm just to see where we are with my case, and now my case is closed because I didn't provide all the documentation. No, I only sent it two separate times! So now of course someone is supposed to call me back...yea sure they will. What can we do about them??

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