Dorset Host Hosting - Corrupt Hosting Company

Posted on Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013 at 4:37am CST by b41c454b

Product: Dorset Host Hosting

Company: Dorset Host Hosting

Location: Dorset


Category: Internet Services

I have had services with this company, which I paid a year in advance, most of the time services where down because the owner, Patrick Daly is unable to run a proffesional service.He discusses his clients openly, refuse services and hides behind his Terms of Service when he?s confronted, Watch out for this man, he will take your money and leave you stranded! After leaving his services and not even trying to claim a refund for services paid up full for a year, he is now badgering me and bordering on obsessive behaviour, threatening me with all sorts of stuff.STAY WELL CLEAR OF DORSET HOST!!!

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Business Reply  olly s., 2013-01-30, 02:57PM CST

In response to your complaint and being a member of Dorset Host staff lets remind everybody how you up and left still owing money to the company, that remains unpaid you then have the nerve to slander the two children of that belong to the owner of the company. Your services have moved several times because you cant get along with your hosts. Many hosts are now refusing to have anything to do with you, so once you leave your new one you will have trouble finding one to take on such a bad client. Maybe we should warn people that instead of watching out for a perfectly decent company we should be aware of the customers, chat1080, sexychat, ircutopia. I would advice any other hosting company to steer well clear of these!

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