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Posted on Friday, January 25th, 2013 at 4:06pm CST by Karen B.

Product: Flowers

Company: Ava's Flowers

Location: NJ, US

URL: www.Avas flowers.com

Category: Online Scams

I ordered Sunflowers for retiree gift. That was her request- so I said no substitution and asked if they could even get them before I ordered. She also wanted Baby's Breath in the arrangement. The flowers were not delivered when promised. I went online to check the status, and discovered the incorrect delivery date was still showing!! I corrected the inept clerk more than once and he assured me he had fixed it. I ordered on 12/24/ 12 and wanted them FRESH so I told him 1/4/13 would be the requested delivery date. I then called and discovered they hadn?t been delivered on 12/28 nor had they been delivered that day. She said they would be delivered on the 5th Saturday. The flowers this person received wilted and dried and 4 short of the number! And, they used two small sprigs of Baby's Breath in a bouquet of 36 (sent 32). They promised to redeliver. When that didn't happen, I was told, "It was manifested by UPS on the 10th (of January)". Then she said UPS couldn't deliver but she (English not her first language, obviously) couldn't explain it. I have talked with about 4 people at Ava's Flowers and have been promised replacement twice. Nothing has happened with them, so I told them to forget it and issue a refund. Two people have refused that request. I have now ordered from a local florist which is what Ava's tries to purport themselves to be. Their online ad and the annoying telephone-hold constant verbiage repeats it time and again. Since I've been refused a refund, I am disputing the charge. When they refuse to deal with AA, and I know they will, because they told me I can't have a refund but can have a 20% discount on my next order, I'm going to the Comptroller's office. WHAT NEXT ORDER? I plan to recommend our company put them on a "Do Not Use Vendor" list. I have spent company-paid hours on something unproductive.

After all this, I went online to the 800-Flowers site and Sunflowers should be available year-round AND they should last 7-10 days.


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lynne k., 2013-02-08, 10:36AM CST

I ordered flowers for my daughter to be delivered same day...extra $ of coarse. They did not arrive at time I was promised by... Nor did they even arrive that day. I spent 1 hours being hung up on transfered to another person and being put on hold trying to find out what the issue was. I was also told that a manager would get back to me in eo min. It is now 14 hrs later. I called again this morning and was told...so sorry...they tried to deliver...they DID NOT. and that flowers would be out today. I said to cancel order flowers would not be accepted and "manager" told me they would be delivered, I would be charged and that was that. I have now called my credit card company for dispute and told my daughter not to accept flowers that should of been a suprise the day before. I have NEVER dealt with such rude ignorant people. While on the phone with the "manager" I hear someone in the back ground telling another employee to get off her ass and get to work. When I mentioned this to the manager her response was are you calling about the order or the conversation you heard. DO NOT USE THE FLORIST

Karen B., 2013-02-08, 11:16AM CST

It seems to be all over the country. If you ignore our comments and use them anyway, good luck!! Please notify the Attorney General's office and Senator!! Put these opeople where they belong - out of business!! Take them to small claims court. They must appear or the judgement is in your favor.

5661f55d, 2013-04-24, 01:49PM CDT

Please sign!


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