Ultimate Autobody - Ultimate Autobody (Raleigh NC) - unethical, dishonest

Posted on Monday, January 21st, 2013 at 10:29am CST by Cheryl H.

Product: Autobody Repair

Company: Ultimate Autobody

Location: 7108 Poole Road
RALEIGH, NC, 27610, US

URL: ultimateraleigh.com

Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

My 2002 Dodge Neon was taken to Ultimate Autobody after an accident in May 2010. After the accident, I was in the hospital with a bone infection that took my dad's life in January 2010. Ultimate Autobody "partnered" with a repair shop in Raleigh (Last Chance Garage).

Ultimate Autobody ignored all of the legal requirements to obtain a lien on my car. Specifically, Ultimate Autobody

1. Failed to provide me with written estimate of all of the work to be done;

2. Failed to provide me with a written bill indicating the date all of the work was completed so that storage fees could be accurately calculated.

Despite Ultimate Autobody's failures, I sent a check for payment. Jeremy Jones of Ultimate Autobody refused my tendered payment. Why would he do this? Because Andrea Caruolo of Last Chance Garage wanted to purchase the car for her son.

Then, while I was in the hospital, Jeremy Jones of Ultimate Autobody went to the Wake County DMV and administrative court and lied to both entities in order to obtain a lien on my car. Jones also ignored the Wake County Court's concern that Ultimate Autobody committed fraud. My car was sold without my knowledge and in spite of a Wake County Judge's concern that Jeremy Jones committed fraud.

Jeremy Jones and Ultimate Autobody told the NC DMV and NC Courts that I was mentally ill and should not be believed! As "proof" of this, Jeremy Jones relied on my being depressed after being disabled after botched, painful orthopedic surgeries and the death of my brother and grandmother. That depression had zero to do with my 2002 Dodge Neon being stolen by Jeremy Jones and Ultimate Autobody and sold to their friends.

Based on my experience, I would not be surprised if Jeremy Jones and Ultimate Autobody were running a "chop shop." Dishonest and unethical auto body shops are a danger and menace to society.


Business Reply  Andrea C., 2013-01-30, 03:05PM CST

It is sad that we live in a society where people do not accept responsibility for their actions, or lack thereof. Ms Handy has slandered not only Ultimate Auto Body, Last Chance Garage, and me (Andrea Caruolo), but also the Wake County DMV and NC Administrative Court systems. In fact, if Ms Handy had paid for her vehicle, and the steps for obtaining the title of an abandoned vehicle due to non-payment had not been followed, NCDMV and the NC Court of Justice, Superior Court division would not have authorized the sale of this vehicle. I did not offer to or insinuate that I wanted to purchase her vehicle, nor did I.

I highly recommend anyone following the advice on websites like this, check the integrity of the person posting. Google their name, look at their picture on www.justmugshots.com and decide for yourself how you will choose to act.

Cheryl H., 2013-02-17, 09:50PM CST

Andrea Caruolo of Last Chance Garage must be very concerned. To my understanding, Andrea Caruolo doesn't own and is not an employee or agent of Ultimate Body Shop. Andrea Caruolo is apparently worried and trying to smear me because she knows that she was a part of a fraud to the NC Court System and NCDMV.

Andrea and Doug Caruolo knew I paid for the work done by Ultimate Autobody on my car. Andrea Caruolo apparently encouraged Ultimate Autobody to shred my check. Why? Well, I suffer from cancer and osteomyelitis. After the car accident, I was in the hospital. And, Andrea Caruolo called my newly widowed mom to see if she could buy my car! Cold lady.

While I was in the hospital, Andrea Caruolo worked with Ultimate Autobody to perpetuate the fraud against the state of NC.

Andrea Caruolo would rather smear me (I had a ticket because after my dad died I was doing grocery shopping for my grieving mom. Mom had expired registration. I missed the court hearing because I was in the hospital for emergency on my cancer and osteomyelitis. I was arrested, charges dropped)

How on Earth could anyone be so desperate as Andrea and Doug Caruolo of Last Chance Garage and Jeremy Jones of Ultimate Autobody to smear me if they were not frauds and thieves? Why don't they address the facts that the Wake County (NC) Court wanted to have a hearing on the fraud perpetuated against the court. They waited until I was sick and stole my car when I couldn't go to the court and show them the fraudulent work orders, etc.

Andrea Caruolo is not a very nice or honest person. Do not do business with her.

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