JS Souvenirs and Gifts - Sent incorrect and defective item, e-mails about this ignored

Posted on Thursday, January 17th, 2013 at 2:51pm CST by Marisa

Product: Shot glass

Company: JS Souvenirs and Gifts

Location: ADEL, GA, US

URL: jssouvenirsandgifts.com/

Category: Online Shopping

I ordered a shot glass from this company. When I received the package from them, the item was both wrong (had a different phrase / logo on it than the one I'd ordered) and defective (it was chipped). I contacted the company explaining this and asked to either be sent the correct item or be refunded the money. No one ever responded to the e-mail complaint. I e-mailed a few more times, and still, no one responded. I've given up at this point.

I would not recommend this company. I could've dealt with it if they had responded to me and sent me the correct item or refunded my money, but they never did. It's the worst feeling when a company you've dealt with just ignores you.


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