Best Buy - Best Buy In Union City Full of Unprofessional & Incompetent Staff, Leads & Managers

Posted on Tuesday, January 15th, 2013 at 11:11am CST by 04104327

Product: Best Buy Mobile Service Department

Company: Best Buy

Location: Union City CA 31350 Courthouse Dr Union City, CA 94587 Phone: (510) 441-2130


Category: Telecommunications

During these Thanksgiving holidays, Best Buy was offering the Samsung Galaxy S III cell phone upgrade from ATT wireless for $49. There was a long line of people taking advantage of that offer. I never stay in line more than 15 to 20 minutes even may be, but since I was going to get that phone, I thought of upgrading my phone that day. Before waiting in line, I clearly inquired from the sales staff if they have the phone in blue color and he told me that they ran out but I could take the white one and come and exchange it for the blue one once that one comes in stock. I then only stood in line for about over 2 hours. The Best Buy staff was not polite to come and apologize for all the customers in line to wait that long. They take their customers for granted. Totally unprofessional people.

Finally, when my turn came, the sales guy Anthony tried to tell me that I could not just get the white one now and come and switch it for the blue one later. When I expressed my dissatisfaction with what he was now saying which was contrary to what another staff told me, he checked with a manager John and finally agreed that I could do so. But then, he said that instead of doing that, he would just order the blue phone and it will come to my home in mail in a few (3-4) days. I went with that and ordered a phone.

The phone didn't come until about 10 days later. By then I was so unhappy with such a long delay that I decided to not renew or upgrade with ATT and switch my wireless phone carrier. I went to Best Buy and returned the phone within the time period. At that time I dealt with a Mobile Sales Supervisor Jordan. He processed the return on my credit card and told me that it was better for me to wait 2-3 days to let ATT process the upgrade reveseral so I can go with another carrier.

He apparently did not follow through on the process of reversing the upgrade on the phone with ATT for days or something. When I didn't get the upgrade reversal email from ATT, I called and found their records still showed as if I had upgraded a phone line and bought new phone. I didn't want to be stuck with the early termination fee by ATT by error and any delay of Best Buy in notifying them that I had already reversed the upgrade.

I had to call Best Buy and a very rude female Jennifer answered the phone. When I asked to speak to Jordan, she said he was not available. She heard the issue and said that they were just doing me a favor to reverse the upgrade as it was between me and ATT. I could not believe this ignorant person saying that. I did not agree. I bought the phone and did the upgrade in service through them and not directly at the ATT store.

I spoke to a Manager name Tom. He heard the problem and said he will look into it and could not confirm why my upgrade was not canceled by Best Buy when I returned the phone days ago. He promised to call me and update me after some research and did not do so. I again called him and he still had no particular answer and said he had other things to do also and that when Jordan will return, he will do something. The Manager Tom was not polite whatsoever but spoke arrogantly.

Finally, I spoke to Jordan and he didn't have any legitimate or reasonable answer why my upgrade was not canceled and he promised to contact ATT and do something about it. He didn't call back. Finally, he said that a ATT representative had been contacted and my upgrade cancellation will get processed and he will email me a confirmation for it. It did not happen. I emailed him and he did not reply even.

I had to contact ATT and days later learn that finally they had processed my upgrade cancellation. I had even contacted ATT in between to ask that they cancel my upgrade since I had canceled my upgrade and returned my phone to Best Buy, but ATT is alo highly useless and they said that they had to be told by Best Buy since I upgraded from them.

Many times I had to call Best Buy and ATT and they both were highly useless people.

This is the kind of professioinalism one can expect from ATT and Best Buy. The staff there is rude and unhelpful. There are a bunch of young inexperienced people working there who could be seen ideally standing around talking, listening to music, chewing gum and do nothing. When I ask them any techinical question about any product they start to look around and try to ask someone else about it. They just like to act as order takers. One can just pick up an item and ask the sales staff to ring it and then that is fine with them. Don't ask them a question as they get lost then.

There are two Managers names John there and the one John is an oriental guy who is very cocky and rude and just sits around doing nothing. He does not even try to help a customer. Customers service should not be expected from Best Buy.

The company's stores reflect the company's corporate team who seem to not care to train their employees well in customer service or product knowledge.


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