ATT Wireless - ATT Wireless Creates Unauthorized Upgrade Mobile Phone Contracts

Posted on Tuesday, January 15th, 2013 at 12:01pm CST by 04104327

Product: ATT Wireless Service

Company: ATT Wireless

Location: ATT & Mobility PO Box 515188 Los Angeles, CA 90051-5188


Category: Telecommunications

I have been ATT wireless customers for years. I was switched to them after they bought Cingular Wireless. I called them last year to just add a phone line for $9.99 to my existing wireless family plan. Everything was in order in terms of me paying my bill to ATT and all. For just adding a $10 line of service on my existing account with ATT, they wanted to run my credit. Are they stupid or what?

I did not need a cell phone from them since I had it already. I thought that it would take just a few minutes for them to give me a new number, I will put the existing new sim card I had from ATT in my phone and follow on with activation process and would be ready to go, but it turned out to be a nightmare of a deal actually.

After spending so long with an idiotic ATT sales representative on the phone who asked me endless security and credit type questions, job, address history and so on, he started telling me that my new contract would be for a 2 years term, when I already had told that idiot that I wasn't upgrading but just adding a line using my phone and by chance I had a new Att SIM at hand so I could use that until them mail me a new one.

Finally, he told me that it is something he just have to read as a script, but he understood that I was not signing up for a 2 year upgrade contract on that new line.

I thought I had concluded the order and this senseless sales guy hung up on me suddently. I called ATT back immediately, but they were closed. Since my order was complete, I thought by the next day my phone should turn on or activate. He had given me a number, but that was not working on the next day. I had to call ATT and they found out for some reason he had not activated anything and so the Supervisor had to be involved and she said that she had straigthened everything and my add a line for $9.99 with no contract was on now.

When I looked into my account, I noticed that it was showing that I had a two-year contract on that line. I had to call them again and they said they will fix it, but it didn't get resolved still. They told me that I had to contact the original sales staff and his supervisor to get that taken care as if I could locate that moron somehow. This is the idiotic level of customer service one can expect from ATT wireless. How could I reach that guy anyways? They know who he was more than I.

It took me many months and hundreds of hours to get someone at ATT to just note that I was not tied into any contract on that line. However, in my account, it still shows as if I am eligible for an early upgrade but not that I am 100% eligible for an upgrade. I tried to upgrade at a retail store and had problems since they were not able to see if I am eligible for an upgrade on that line. ATT told me that if I went to their own corporate store to do an upgrade on that line, I could. However, they don't realize that the retail store was giving me a better deal on the cell phone then they could on the same phone at their corporate store.

ATT basically illegally put my phone line in a 2 year contract and could not fix that error properly to date. I am so sick and tired of dealing with ATT that I cannot even begin to tell you.

Calling ATT means that they would take about an hour of my time each time over the smallest of issues. How can this company be doing business like this? People need to file more FTC complainsts against ATT so they are disciplined and stop screwing consumers.

I could spend months reporting errors ATT has made on my landline, wireless and internet accounts over the years. God I wish ATT go under soon. They never even make up for wasting my time. I have actually had to pay them for their errors in billing because they fail to fix the errors and it is a nightmare dealing with them.

People try to get cell phone service from some other carrier than ATT. I have heard Verizon may be a little better, but don't know for sure.


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